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8/1 c2 4Monster King
2/3 c2 NazgulBelserion
Only Harry pov IDC about point man maybe once every couple chaps then again this is dropped but you never know
12/5/2014 c2 2unknownwolf1996
can't wait for the next chapter. it's interesting
8/2/2014 c2 1eternal nothingness
hm interesting..very. interesting

now what to do, what to dooooo,
well point man's perspective would be very interesting so too would harrys...hm I guess I would have to go with harry

what? I would like to see what he thinks about all of this
3/6/2014 c2 Just a Dark Lord
could be a nice story i'd say you stick to harry POV unless something realy different happen to Point Man.
1/23/2014 c2 god of all
Great chapter and story so far please continue this story soon.
9/29/2013 c2 OSR fanatic
So Paxton Fettel and Point Men are the Sons of Alma and Harry Potter in this Story?

Do Point men and Harry's POV one after the other.

I hope Alma Lives in this story then "dieing" in the Game.
8/7/2013 c1 3Lennex MacDuff
A very good one-shot, but it looks like it could become something more. I would be very eager to see a bigger story come from this.
7/21/2013 c1 King of Hearts 129
Very interesting story. Harry and Alma is a very interesting combination and I would love to see it continue.
7/15/2013 c1 The Man
It was interesting. I'd like to see it continue. Harry and Alma against the world. It would be interesting to say the least.
6/29/2013 c1 OSR fanatic
Great Story! :) Please Update Soon! :)
6/25/2013 c1 Captain Ahab
Yes, please continue. I want to see Alma & (Dark?) Harry unleashed on the wizarding world. They deserve to die. They ALL deserve to die.
6/25/2013 c1 8Lupine Horror
I would so want you to continue this. I've read all HP books and watched most of the films before I got fed-up and have only a passing understanding of FEAR but everything seems pretty cool. Seeing as the wizarding world needs their boy-who-has-a-hyphenated-name but Harry is now connected to Alma somehow should make for an entertaining piece

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