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for A Friend Amongst Enemies

5/29/2016 c11 5kimek
Glad to see you back! It would be shame for this to became a deadfic.

Maho and Nonna indeed maybe a OOC sometimes, but this is perfectly justified by the fact that their life condition radically different from the canon. In canon - they are friendly participants of the school tournament, there - two girls locked in a hellish meatgrinder.

I agree that Maho have a better chance of learning Russian language, since she is high-class citizen, while Nonna just a village girl, who simply wouldn't have the desire and possibilities to learn German language.

Keep going and good luck
5/17/2016 c11 3WannabeSoldier
When will next chapter Come?
5/14/2016 c11 3asqwerty3345
Yeah a new chapter, I thought this story had died, thanks for posting a chapter.
5/14/2016 c11 4Deathvoltz
It was a interesting chapter to read. I like the subtle yet fragile relationship between Maho and Nonna; the fact Maho saved her life although they were dire enemies at the time. The description was also sound, for me I was able to easily visualize what was happening at the time; the smoke, dust and general surroundings were well written. I would like to see what the future holds between them, and their thoughts about the encounter especially.

Its good to see you're back in action~

7/25/2015 c10 Esdeath1
A great story so far, I found this thru CaptainBlake's recommendations on his profile. Added to follow list, keep up the good work
7/24/2015 c10 Guest
its good to see this story wasint abandoned
7/20/2015 c10 73Theralion
I'm sorry to hear that you haven't had much time for fan fiction lately. I'm also sorry to hear that you seem to be overwhelmed by the size of my fic; it's a natural reaction when reading a long fic that isn't finished yet. That said, it's almost over, so it won't get much longer.

That's a sound observation about Maho's lack of actual combat experience in this fic, and a fairly realistic depiction of her. It's important to take into account how characters might fare in an AU, without necessarily carrying over traits for the sake of doing so, so it does show a good amount of thought with regard to characterization.

The part in which Maho is inside the apartment was nicely described, giving us the sense that people had lived there before, and giving a glimpse at Maho's childhood.

I'm interested in seeing where thing go from here.
7/9/2015 c9 Guest
It is a sham this story was abandoned... Maybe a good writer will adopt this story so it can continue to shine.
12/29/2014 c9 17Thorthemighty321
I like very much although I would have thought that Zis-30 tank destroyers would have been better than 45mm AT guns but that is just me. Also gud read.
12/9/2014 c9 2Shadow Typer97
Yay, you're back!
12/8/2014 c9 73Theralion
It's good to see that you're updating again,

The chapter nicely moved things along, although we still have yet to get to the "meat" of the story, when Nonna and Maho encounter each other. I'm looking forward to that.

There were a few proofreading errors this chapter, such as awkward phrasing ("To her luck" could be "Fortunately for her,") words that should be one word ("your selves"), and a few others.

The chapter ends with a nice cliffhanger for Nonna. I'm looking forward to seeing where things go from here.
6/19/2014 c8 5CaptainDavidBlake
Again, you make quite a good adition to this story. The combat scene was actually well-made and realistic, as well as the combatants reaction to the reality of it.

I find interesting that you're going all the way in showing some of crudest realities of the battle, like the use of child-soldiers and human wave tactics, as well as the tank commanders care with snipers and other perils.

The flashback at the end is also interesting, and surelly opens the way for more things to come.

And, finally, OMG, you've mentioned my story! Thank you so much for your support, mate!

PS: I'm so very sorry for taking this long to post the review. I've been kind of busy. :(
6/13/2014 c8 5kimek
Nice to see you back.

Well, the battle was intense and thrilling read, though I admit I really can't wait to see Nonna, riding in a Soviet tank ASAP. Well, seems I just need to be patient. XD

Good luck with future chapters
3/4/2014 c7 5CaptainDavidBlake
All right, this is shapping to become really good.

I'm really enjoying the way you're writing the background and inserting the historical details. I also like how you're writing down the Soviets as actual human beings an not bloodthirsty maniacs. Even some movies I like have a tendency to do so. On this note, I'm actually curious about how will you portray these first fights near the beachhead of the Volga. Although there's an urban myth concerning the lack of weapons, that wasn't really the case. The Soviets lacked, in fact, ammo, due to poor logistics and the Germans bombing their supply lines. Being them a nation of hunters, they were in fact swimming in guns.

On another note, there's a slight cut in chapter 5, in the sentence
"Maho was sitting in her room. As the heir apparent to"

All in all, this is being a really fun piece of historical military fiction, and I'm eager to see what else you have in store for us. :)
2/24/2014 c7 23Danny Barefoot
Some quite harrowing action, a good chapter. Please update soon!
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