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for A Western Welcome

6/10/2018 c12 babiswen
i totally loved this story! i wish there were more western au's like this. really well constricted narrative. loved it.
11/7/2017 c5 9JimmyHall24
We have a responsibility now xD
9/3/2017 c12 Guest
Very entertaining and original. Nice job!
1/13/2017 c12 26unnbrella
I am loving the whole western theme! Very interesting! I think there should have been a little bit more time for Emma and Regina's relationship to develop. Maybe that's just me though. :)
3/19/2016 c3 5SwanQueenScotty
LOVING this fic!
3/17/2016 c12 2southtrash
Just found this story, binged read it, and I'm amazed. Really great job. You wrote it so well and its a refreshing take on swanqueen :) thanks for sharing
8/16/2015 c12 7FaBbEr0oZ
Not only is this canon but it really did happen so thanks for the history lesson!

That's my story and I'm sticking to it!
4/28/2015 c12 CrazzyNut
This was great, just as your other stories I've read! At first I wasn't sure if I'd like it, cuz I am in no way a Western fan, but I am so happy I read it. You're very talented writer & this story is only more proof of that. The only part that left me questioning, though, was who Emma was looking for. I might've misread somewhere & missed it though. Darn, I guess I'll just have to read it again Thanks for the always great story
11/13/2014 c12 quarian
Wow quite the tender tale amidst rough circumstances! Read it all at one go since I couldn't stop until I knew the girls' happy endings were assured.
10/23/2014 c12 90fictorium
Lovely! Worth the wait to see it finished.
10/21/2014 c12 Guest
This was a fantastic story !
10/21/2014 c12 8Just me and myself
Very good, loved the ending!
10/20/2014 c12 LilliRegina
well done, i really loved this story
10/20/2014 c11 LilliRegina
i think someone betrayed them
how else Jameson would know
and where was Vivian
Grace was alone
10/20/2014 c10 LilliRegina
omg, what happened
so Grace wanted to alope with her little friend Nick
who killed her father and who shot Regina
i got a little confused by this chapter
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