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10/20/2014 c9 LilliRegina
I hope Emma find the courage and the rest to stay
if not it will break Regina's heart
10/20/2014 c8 LilliRegina
Wow, Emma, came there to hear Regina's story and to tell her that she will protect her, maybe even that she loves her
but she received much, much more, grin

Can they all accept Emma in Regina's life or will there be some jealousy/protectiveness

Will they get a change to be and stay happy together
10/20/2014 c11 Guest
They can be so cute...and vivian is funny haha
10/20/2014 c12 Guest
Damn I live in Arizona heh
10/20/2014 c7 LilliRegina
yessss, there it is their kisss
wow, it made my heart flutter
and a smile on my face
10/20/2014 c6 LilliRegina
omg i thought they would kiss in this chapter
the tension between them is building up
Regina is worried about Emma getting hurt by protecting her
but Emma wouldn't leave her because she loves her

She wouldn't get hurt or would she
10/20/2014 c5 LilliRegina
ohhhhh, Regina was crying, was she scared Emma has left town
She's falling for her, head over heels

and now they have to protect Grace, together
10/20/2014 c4 LilliRegina
oh my,...it's not going to be easy, is it
they both linger for someone
Regina is confused by her feelings and is getting rigid by it
Emma is turning in a protective, yet lone wolve

it's holding my attention, so it's very goid
10/20/2014 c3 LilliRegina
someone is falling hard for the ma'am
and it's distracting Regina
10/20/2014 c2 LilliRegina
So Emma is a bountyhunter, huh

ha Emma's horse called Bug and had a golden colour, nice
and she's staying for a week

i love it
10/20/2014 c1 LilliRegina
nice beginning of a very interesting story
Emma is no sheriff in this story or is she
just a lonely woman passing through
10/19/2014 c12 D
This story was worth the wait...
10/19/2014 c12 Guest
10/19/2014 c12 14LoveWhatYouWrite
A great read! I do hold a soft spot for Westerns.
10/19/2014 c12 7Queenrizzles
Great ending
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