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11/10/2019 c13 Guest
Hi I have a requested dragon quest 11 fanfiction story that I want you to write with my own OC Self Insert ( who somewhat looks me in appearance but is more built and has darker blue eyes / plus lighter blond hair ) character called Alexander Erdwin II ( Who will be the elder twin brother of the Luminary Hero himself in this AU , or in truthful definition The Tree Of Life had actually Chosen Two Heroes of light to bear the marks of their own ancestor Erdwin , instead of one , so that they could one day defeat the Lord Of Shadows himself , Mordegon , along with his own army of dangerous monsters and elite sentinels( Plus one of them eventually finding love with Krystalinda herself / Aka my self insert OC) ..

Story Summary : We all know the amazing adventure of the mighty Luminary and his own heroic companions , traveling across the land of Erdrea to defeat the lord of shadows himself, Mordegon . However ! What if the story was told in a slightly different perspective view , than the one we all know and love , in another universe, parallel to the one we always remembered , there actually existed two heroic saviors of light , instead of one , but one troublesome issue , and its own existence , could make things slightly more complicated for Dundrasils twin sons of king Irwin and Eleanor , than how it was in the original canon timeline , the elder child is not from their own world, and is a bit more of a cowardice than his younger luminary brother , but as he journeys across the world , he will eventually learn how to overcome his own inner anxiety of terrifying monsters and fear of heights , slowly evolving from an extremely shy person , into a brave young warrior , and maybe discover true love within the very frigid heart of the ice queen herself , Krystalinda .

Main Pairing : Krystalinda x Alexander Erdwin II ( Aka Male Reader Self Insert reincarnation story AU )

Genre : Adventure / Romance

Story Rating : T ( With Slight Hints M rated themes appearing here and there throughout the story itself )

Hope you like my story AU story idea and be interested in making a fanfiction out of it ..

PS : My Self insert OC will retain the cowardice personality trait that I actually have in real life ( Aka fear of heights and monsters themselves / but he will act almost like main character himself from dragon quest 11 or you could say OOC ( so its easier to write his character / plus he will mostly be silent / but will sometimes have a certain conversation with other people in actual spoken words / Krystalinda and jasper / plus Hendrik and Serena ) but he will try to make an attempt at redeeming certain people instead of just killing them right off the bat ( Like for example Krystalinda and Jasper / in this AU those two will actually join the rest of the party Erik Serena Veronica Hendrik and Jade / but jasper will obviously be post game material / plus Krystalinda / however she will actually join the cast party after Yggdrasil falls / obviously meaning after Erik saves his sister own Mia / meaning he actually got through to the guards heads who kept her locked in her own cell ) ..

P.P.S : One Last thing I forgot to mention is that the two twin sons of Irwin and Eleanor will grow up in two different ( or separate ) lifestyles in which the younger luminary hero will grow up in cobblestone village ( just like in the canon game timeline ) while the elder luminary brother ( Aka my own OC ) will be raised by his own grandfather Rab and Princess Jade herself ( meaning he slowly grows up alongside those two / and will eventually become a master of martial arts / by Princess Jade herself / plus he will be wielding a greatsword somewhat later on in the story itself ) until he finally regroups with his own younger luminary brother in the Octagonia city MMA Martial Arts Tournament .

Ana another thing is that there will be two rarefied orichalcum in the Battleground instead of one ( Aka AU / because how could they forge a sword of light with only one it would just be literally impossible to get another one that is since they are so rare )

If you can’t come up with a good prologue to the story itself then here is an example I wrote from my own creative mind itself ( all you simply have to do is use and continue off from where the ending point actually is :


( In Eleanor’s POV )

“The rain ! It just kept on falling endlessly from the stormy clouds of the night sky , almost as if it just didn’t want to stop at all ! As me and the young princess of Heliodor , Jade, ran through the deep forest of Manglegrove , clothes soaking with water , we could hear the violent noises of thunder ,and crackling lightning bolts , booming way up above our own heads , piercing our own ear drums , along with three terrifying headless horsemen , riding on horseback’s , galloping in the distance , not too far behind us , wanting nothing more than to dispose of us , and the two infant twin boys that I carried inside my own wooden basket , both baring the two marks of an ancient hero of light , the luminary.”

“ Cmon ! Don’t stop running , or they’ll kill all of us ! “ I frantically shouted loudly to princess jade , as we kept on dashing through small puddles of cold rainwater itself , never bothering to look behind us , as three headless knights riding on horses , were right on our tails .. eventually we reached a large bush of leaves where I quickly had an emotional conversation with the young daughter of King Carnelian that was going to change her own life forever .

I want you to keep our two infant children safe from the monsters , while I try to run out into the open , creating a distraction for them , so that you can make your own escape out of the extremely dangerous predicament that we are currently in !

Yes I know that it’s a very noble sacrifice that the queen of Dundrasil is doing for the three of you , but it’s better , so that all of you can make it out of this alive , just so you know , Queen Eleanor will always be with you , up there in the branches of Yggdrasil , remember , keep on running , and don’t look back. “

Good Luck.”

And so the princess of Heliodor ran , running as fast as her own legs could carry the young daughter of King Carnelian himself , frantically dashing through the wet rainwater puddles of MangleGrove , while horrifying images of her and the twin sons of Dundrasil dying brutally at the swords of the three headless horsemen , on their own horseback’s , appeared to be constantly running through the young girls own head , along with a look of pure anxiety plastered on her own face , while hoisting the heavy wooden basket , containing the future heroes of Erdrea , as powerful flashes of pure lightning , covered the stormy night sky , until , loud screams of pure abject terror , echoed throughout the dark forest itself , and then everything went white ..

To Be Continued ..
4/25/2019 c11 3StarryArtist
Please continue this!
3/26/2019 c1 NightShock99
Glad to see another chapter I was worried for a moment there. I actually like this fanfic. Keep up the good work.
3/13/2014 c6 12Kirara-Elfkin
Hmm, not that bad at all...
3/13/2014 c2 Kirara-Elfkin
Oh fudge, Altairis is female. :( Why is the celestrian never male? *sigh* I'll carry one reading, but if there's any mention of 'womanly feelings' or romance I'm off. Sorry if I come off as abrupt, but I'm sick fed up of mincing female characters (i.e 99% of them) despite being female myself. That and I'm tired as it's 5am. DX
11/26/2013 c9 gKbpRjt27Eg3
Hey, you're back! I'm so happy to see that you didn't give up!
This chapter didn't disappoint me at all. It's great to see some adventure happening outside Angel Falls and following the plot. I like Lanugo, it's soo cute.
So, yeah. I'm really looking forward to meeting the hero's companions -and I'm also curious about the scene when Stella turns up for the first time and doesn't believe the hero is a Celestrian.
As usual, I love your style and your writing. Keep up the good job :)
11/19/2013 c9 2DQRS guy
Just seen this fic. Definitely got my vote. Good work. I hope this is continued. Like the story.
7/7/2013 c6 gKbpRjt27Eg3
Hello again! I didn't post any review the last time you updated, but I'm certainly following your story. You can be sure of that!
I can see Altairis' development in these two last chapters. She's still more serious in chapter 4 during her recovery after the fall, but now that she's getting used to living as a mortal, she's more open to them. I didn't expect her teasing Ivor and Hugo like that! xDD (Also no author likes Ivor, apparently xD).
I like the story of Ivor and Erinn. It's great when authors include their own bits like you did :3
Oh, the Cygnus thing is interesting because, actually, I was wondering how you would solve that. I imagined that your Cygnus was the same of the one in Stornway *but* he hadn't been ordered a Guardian yet.
I think that's everything for now. Keep writing!
6/27/2013 c4 gKbpRjt27Eg3
Wow. Amazing.
You've portrayed Celestrians so well! I'm so glad you developped how life is at the Observatory - I am specially curious on how other people think Celestrians are related or how they have children, and I like your version very much!

"I carefully climbed each step as I continued my trek upwards. The stairs themselves were technically unnecessary for us to use but it was tradition to take them anyway. Traveling by foot was to remind us that approaching Yggdrasil carelessly or arrogantly was criminal and instead, we should all think of it as a journey. We had to work for our right to see Her and I savored every step."
This was very beautiful and deep. My favourite part of chapter 2 :)

Don't worry about the cutscene-badassery - it was just perfect. Terrifying, bloody and heart-breaking. I wasn't expecting Celestrians dying, that was a sad (and awesome, I'm not gonna lie xD) surprise.

So. In short, I'm absolutely loving this. The OC's personalities, the way of the Celestrians, the heroe's feelings and POV... Please, keep writing this. I want to read the rest of the story :)

Fun Fact here: I imagine Altairis as a male. I keep trying to convince me that *she* is a *girl*, but my mind seems to be stuck there xD

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