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12/26/2020 c48 3RC1701
I've finally done it! I've caught up with Steampunk Chronicles! I started reading this story from the point it had reached when I first signed up to this site, believing it was gonna be non-chronological 4-5 chapter arcs like Con Game. When I realised it wasn't I put it to one side to read from the start, and have only recently got around to it.

This story is absolutely brilliant. From the alternate world you've built to the portrayal of all the major characters, I can't heap enough praise on this epic tale you've put together here. I find myself wanting to know so much more about the Steampunk Universe, and they way you blend canon traits with setting-appropriate changes to the characters' personalities is perfectly judged. And once again, you do some of the best Charah I've read here on this site. The way you've kept them overcoming obstacles and edging slowly closer together, without unnecessary diversions or frivolous melodrama, is endlessly enjoyable to read.

Having caught up, I now eagerly look forward to your next update of this retro-futuristic adventure. In the mean time though, I think it's time I got myself up to speed with the other tales you (and a few others) have embarked on or continued while I've been focused on this story. Once again, great work SC, and I hope you're doing alright during these still-scary times we're living in.


11/28/2020 c48 2PurpleAffair
I could honestly feel the emotional and physical exhaustion radiate from my screen. It’s so much more powerful because Chuck and Sarah are more worried about the other than themselves.

The day was traumatizing and Chuck unknowingly gave the tiniest bit of respite to the situation with sweet gestures like offering to boil water and that the stuttering promise to not walk in on Sarah’s bath.

While Chuck has the ability to get under Sarah’s skin it’s not always mentioned in detail what a rock she is for him. I love the transparency question and not just simple yes answer “But you always are with me” at the end speaks volumes.

The undressing was so innocent in intent yet so very charged. What I would give to know what Chuck was thinking when he looked at Sarah for a moment before helping with her boots.

Sarah has a chasm of emotion locked up inside and the culmination of events of the day broke her walls that kept everything inside. The last few paragraphs of the first section were painful to read. All the sorrowful and pessimistic thoughts cut like a knife.

The small moments where Chuck can be a toy maker and fixer is grounding.

Chuck wanting to comfort Sarah after hearing her cries and let her know she wasn’t alone, fear was okay, and nothing would shake his faith in her then keeping his promise not to intrude on her is a testament to his strength and resolve. Yet he had to leave the room because her cries hurt to hear. And hurt to read.

Sarah wanting to keep the open, vulnerable, and half mended watch that Chuck made despite already having a keepsake (Your continuity continues to astound me) feels symbolic. As if Sarah wants to keep it because he now knows the truth about her and in a way she’s become more open to him, making herself vulnerable. Not that Sarah is half mended but she isn’t “normal” and that skews her perception of herself in ways that “normal” people wouldn’t do.

Ellie’s strength and fortitude shines so blindly. After the crushing blow to her march and the new knowledge about Chuck and Sarah she goes to Sarah composed. Ready to be the kind steadfast Doctor.

I love Ellie’s line “I'm just trying to figure you out, just like you're apparently trying to figure me out” because it does feel like pieces of a puzzle trying to fit together reading their interactions. Their relationship to each other is so very important and I wish the show would have given them the opportunity to have a talk about Chuck’s intersect reveal (you’ve written it so beautifully here). The sweet gesture of Ellie braiding Sarah’s hair along with their conversation give so much hope to the future of their relationship. I think they’d both benefit from a hug with each other.

Reading Ellie describe Chuck’s looks toward Sarah all while he knew her past and telling Sarah she has a lot to still learn about Chuck on her own, I felt like I was half in on a secret.

Chuck being a look out yet missing Casey’s entrance was so very Chuck and funny. And Ellie brandishing a chair! Yes! Stubbornness seems to be a Bartowski trait with Ellie barely backing down to go get Devon.

After everything the day still isn’t over for them. As much as I want them to rest I want to know what happens next.

Until then, thanks!
11/24/2020 c48 Deathzbreath
I love this story. Thank you for writing!
11/15/2020 c48 Guest
I just agree with literally everything halfachance said. Like that times 2.
11/11/2020 c48 Guest
10 years. Is that some kind of record for longest timespan for writing a story? Fantastic stuff as always!
11/11/2020 c48 10halfachance
aaahhh such a welcome WELCOME return to this world. it's like, i knew i loved it but just being back here i'm like mmmmm the pining. the period pining which is even BETTER/WORSE than regular pining bc like. they can't even tOUCH! apart from the few touches in this chapter which oh lord the pride and prejudice Hand MomentTM feels they gave me. he scooped her up he SWEPT HER INTO HIS ARMS. for like. a reason and to be helpful but still, god. and you put that in right after her remembering their whole kiss and admitting about the kiss stuff so ngggg the tension. And when she's just crying into him, oh honey. but yeah that whole thing would've been enough but then he has to HELP HER UNDRESS. like. the whole thing is so pure and innocent and literally necessary, but still that wonderful tension underneath and just the idea of that being so Inappropriate. but it's not, for them, which is just... gah. and THEN (this whole review will consist of me just going "and then" and proceeding to tell you what you wrote which you already know but i need to emphasise the various hits to my emotions that i took here) he's all worried and she hugs hiiimmm. the whole hurt/comfort of all this. and the stillness after the complete rush of action and information in the prior chapters. just the calm of Sarah taking a bath and the few things that entails. it's so effective. and it made her just sobbing and letting it all out feel so much more necessary and real. that crash of being alone and having a moment and it all just... hitting. i felt that, god. AND THEN (see) the intimacy of chuck there but not there, hearing her and being distracted, but then hearing her crying... and damn, that his first urge is to just hold her and let her know she isn't alone, this BOY. i love him also thinking of the kiss and also having that crash and that moment to finally breathe and process it, too, in such a different way. but if i didn't cackle when he just. gave her the watch. just boop you take this now. big chandler holding a lamp energy, charles, you wonderful idiot. and yes, the awkwardness continues, humanity continues, even in incredible turmoil and pain and confusion. always goes on. wow this fic what a cathart.

anywho then we have ellie and sarah and i just. well, do i even need to say? lmao. you always write them so well, and their like, talking and apologising in circles here, it's so good. it felt so much like the conversation ellie and sarah must've had in canon post-season 3, the one we never got to see but that is constantly in my brain lol. just, everything has been a lie, both of them dealing with that, but still already having had a friendship and connection before and through all that. and man if you didn't just hit the nail on the head with "Kindness confuses you." That's so Ellie. and so Sarah. that Ellie thinks everyone deserves kindness, and Sarah can't comprehend how anyone can be so good-hearted (Ellie you are an angel among us). and then Ellie naturally gets in a liiiittle thing about just how much Chuck likes Sarah eheheheheh, and Sarah almost immediately proves it by going OH MY HAIR. it's so funny. i love this era so much because you can just catch her out in that way through Traditions and Decency and stuff it's so funny lol. but now I am intriiigued about them moving- makes sense- and Devon of course needing to go save people, and that little ominous ending after this little break of peace. and of course i am still hooked and i love iiiiiit. also Ellie just being like, of course Casey's a bounty hunter, lol. best. i just wanna like live in this fic. like, not the world of the fic bc it's dangerous and there's an empire and i couldn't even vote or whatnot but just, the fic itself. it's so goooood.

AND THEN nah i'm done we're good.
11/11/2020 c48 2baldcoder
Super update! I really like this story. I'm glad you've continued with it.
11/11/2020 c48 chucksboxers
A brand new chapter was a great excuse to reread a few chapters of this terrific story so thanks for that!
Sheesh I agree too much of this story seems close to home here. Ugh.
BUT there’s plenty left of just good old story telling that I really enjoy! And I’m a sucker for the Charah, even the G rated version.
I really like how the theme of this chapter is about coming clean and telling the truth to fight the violence- what a very timely theme. :-)

Thanks for this SC!
11/10/2020 c48 Guest
Aaaaah! I'm so happy to read more of this story! Thanks!
11/10/2020 c48 96David Carner
Why are you so good? I mean...I told you this the other day but this dark, desolate world and in them we find two balls of light, of hope. One of them the Bartowski's shinning through constantly, and the other, shining just as brightly, but struggling to accept it, Sarah Walker, and good God. This story just continues to give me hope in everything. Never change SC, never quit, never surrender. You're the best, and I can never thank you enough for this amazing world that YOU built.
11/10/2020 c48 tiggerhk
Thank you for coming back to this fic. It has made my day. There is light at the end of the tunnel afterall. So glad Ellie and Sarah had a heart to heart. Painful it might seem, it started the process of healing. Now I am so ready for the next day/chapter.
11/10/2020 c48 Kpspirit
I was really excited to see this show up in my inbox this morning. I can understand why you felt the need to step away from it for awhile. I’m glad you were able to feel like you can dive back into to this world a bit. This was a great chapter, as always. I enjoyed Chuck’s embarrassment and the interactions between him and Sarah. However, I think I liked the conversation with Ellie and seeing a little bit of what Ellie was thinking even more.
11/10/2020 c48 Chuck up North
Please tell us it hasn't taken 48 chapters to get to the imported hard salami? :)

Thanks for waking this fic up! I am hoping that we don't have to wait a lot longer for them to figure out where they stand with each other and avoid dancing around the issue for, well, another 2 seasons worth...

I enjoy your writing, SC!

11/10/2020 c48 7jwatkins
I was beyond overjoyed to see an update from SC, let alone for Chronicles. I completely understand the need to step away from this story for a while, but I am so glad you came back to it. It looks like there have been some inroads to repairing Sarah and Ellie's friendship. Much is forgiven but not wholely forgotten. She at least recognizes the connection between Sarah and Chuck and doesn't seem to be opposed to it. There may be hope there yet. To say they are in turbulent times would be an understatement, but with hope and perseverance it's amazing what people can overcome. Thanks so much for sharing. Your work truly is a gift.
9/28/2020 c47 Guest
Wow, what a ride. Finally caught up. Lots of emotions.
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