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9/28/2013 c20 3Impossible-Twins
I love the names you've picked for the twins. Such a brilliant idea! :D
9/28/2013 c20 loveabitofglee
The twins names are so perfect I wanna cry. Ah hell to it *starts crying uncontrollably*
9/28/2013 c20 12megsrenee17
so cute :))
9/28/2013 c20 1Alex B. Goode
Very beautiful! You totally should continue.
9/25/2013 c19 Onedirection2013
9/25/2013 c19 11Fire Girl125
AWW! Gold Stars came in third! And I'm so glad you brought up Rachel's star that Finn gave her. 3.

Anyway, can't wait for the next chapter! :)
9/25/2013 c19 3Impossible-Twins
I'm guessing Rachel is finally going to pop haha! Can't wait to see what happens. :)
9/25/2013 c19 RAGML
Awww they so the star Finn bought for Rachel :') and congrats to gold stars and also to ND it's unfair that Rachel is against ND because they're both so good! Allie and Beth can be good friends..love their scene in this chapter!
SO EXCITED FOR NEXT CHAPTER! The twins are coming!
9/25/2013 c19 5HarrylovesGinny09
Good chapter!
9/25/2013 c19 Gleegurl03
The FINCHEL babies :)
9/24/2013 c19 Guest
Thais this was good I needed some finchele time.
9/24/2013 c19 5ravenna.solo.408
Sounds like a fun trip! :) very cute!
9/24/2013 c19 11ShakeItOffBrie
I smiled the entire time I read this! :D and the twins :D :D
9/24/2013 c19 Callie1121
Great chapter! The Twins! Update soon!
9/24/2013 c19 1Alex B. Goode
I can't guess the two new characters, but please, bring in Lauren and Matt.
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