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for She's Yours Again

11/16/2013 c30 2WAngeline
Thanks for writing this so much! It's brilliant and always cheers me up!
And yes, please do keep on writing! ;)
11/16/2013 c30 iheartgoldstars
This chapter is sooo great! As well as the whole story! I love it! Thanks! :)
11/16/2013 c30 13JaveryJavaJunkie
Awww! I'm sad that this was the last chapter but a great way to end it too. I loved this story so much, it was so creative how you crossed your two stories together. Keep up the great work girlie, love ya! Write more soon :D
11/16/2013 c30 1magnoliahouse
LOVED this story. Hope to hear another AU fix from you soon!
11/16/2013 c30 Guest
This chapter was so cute and fluffy and I loved it! :)
11/16/2013 c30 1Alex B. Goode
You don't need my opinion. But it was incredible! Keep writing.
11/16/2013 c30 11ShakeItOffBrie
Aw I loved this story! Thanks for still writing
11/16/2013 c30 11Fire Girl125
This was a beautiful story! I loved it! I'm so glad Allie was officially adopted and the ending was just BEAUTIFUL! Thank you for writing this! Reading this gave me joy! :)
11/16/2013 c30 19IloveheartlandX
Nice end to a great story
11/16/2013 c30 20Jessicam134
It would be good if u did a fanfiction when allie was a bit older like 12 or something :)
11/15/2013 c29 Gleeunicorns
Please don't stop writing your so good one of the best writors! I will miss this story so Mich though :(
11/14/2013 c29 RAGML
Awww I miss Finchel duets... :( but I'm happy I still get to see them sing together in your stories. Lea and Cory are growing up! They're gonna be eating real food soon! Good job on the kids on their concert! And lastly, YAY! Allie is gonna be an official Hudson! Can't wait for them to tell her!
11/14/2013 c28 RAGML
I am just so proud of them. They did it! I'm so happy they're gonna be a part of something they wanna be a part of!
11/13/2013 c29 Guest
Please don't stop writing finchele stories that is the only way we can have finchele thanks
11/13/2013 c29 Callie1121
Great chapter! Update soon!
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