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11/13/2013 c29 11ShakeItOffBrie
Yay! Allie will soon be a Hudson! :D
11/13/2013 c29 2WAngeline
I love this! I just alerted you yesterday and spent the most of my evening reading this!
Keep going on, but please don't kill Cory off! You're amazing ;)

Christabel 3
11/13/2013 c29 3Impossible-Twins
Good chapter! Allie is going to be so happy when Rachel tells her the good news. :) I think you should keep going with your stories!
11/13/2013 c29 5HarrylovesGinny09
Nice chapter!
11/13/2013 c29 11Fire Girl125
YAY for the re-adoption! And baby Cory is getting teeth! Oh boy! :)
11/12/2013 c29 5ravenna.solo.408
Yay for the re-adoption :)
11/12/2013 c29 19IloveheartlandX
Definitely keep writing-your stories are some of my favourites to read and we Finchel writers have to keep them going
11/12/2013 c29 20Jessicam134
I love this please update ASAP :)
11/12/2013 c29 Onedirection2013
11/12/2013 c29 1magnoliahouse
Please keep writing! I haven't been reviewing because I only time to read the chapter-I've been CRAZY busy. Once life slows down a bit I'll begin to review again. But don't stop-I love your stories!
11/12/2013 c29 noro
another chapter well done
11/12/2013 c29 1Alex B. Goode
Oh righteous!
11/9/2013 c28 5ravenna.solo.408
Yay for getting the petition passed!
11/7/2013 c28 11Fire Girl125
Go Allie! So glad they never gave up on getting a chance to be in orchestra! Can't wait for the next chapter! :)
11/7/2013 c28 5HarrylovesGinny09
Good chapter
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