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12/13/2020 c28 BlackSwan265
Aaaah that end is so sad! This is really good please finish it!
9/14/2015 c28 6Tara1517
where's the rest of it!? please update. This is very good
7/29/2015 c28 Guest
This is a great story can you please update
5/6/2015 c28 WolfLuvzDragon
You should continue with this plot just saying. :)
3/29/2014 c28 Lol ME
Next chapter PLEASE can't wait we need the chapter !
12/9/2013 c1 3rileyalainn
Update. ..please...updaaaateeeee... your writing is incredible, and I want to see more! My only feedback is that I wish the chapters were longer. But other than that, this is one of the most well moving fics I have read in years. :)
9/9/2013 c1 IAmAHedgehog
The writting is still good. And yes, as everyone said before it needs a few more Zutara moments. The fluffy chapter has appeased us for now. FOR NOW. You're a good writer and it wouldn't hurt to add one or two humorous scenes every now and then. As a personal oppinion/preference/llama, it would be nice if you could make the chapters a tad bit longer. Other than that, IT IS AMAAAAZING.
9/7/2013 c28 Guest
Hmmm better but im still unsure of where this story is going :/
9/7/2013 c28 storyoftheunknownfangirl
Oooooh that's so sad gosh Zuko needs to save Katara again.
9/7/2013 c28 Ferret.krazy.101
Awwaa! Thank you for that lovely chapter update. And just when I thought today couldn't possibly get any better. You just made my day. :D
9/6/2013 c27 Guest
I dont get this story anymore. Idk wats going on and i kinda lost interest. Not as entertaining when theres barely any zutara which is wat i came here for…
9/5/2013 c27 Ferret.krazy.101
You're right it does. Good work by the way!
9/4/2013 c27 Nequa183
This story is just amazing! I love everything about it and every time you put up an chapter, I run straight to my tablet to read! Keep up the great work :-P!
9/3/2013 c27 storyoftheunknownfangirl
Nine hells are also Greek. I'm fairly certain, and kudos to you on the lovely chappie!
9/1/2013 c26 9Blackwidow927
omg updatttttteeeeeeeeeee
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