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1/7/2022 c7 Antianti12
I like the fic but there is a couple of things that annoy me, one is the fact that everytime you have a girls perspective all they think about is sex and that turns into harems and i hate those. 2 no reason why naruto should be so weak plus he not that old i mean there should still be stuff his people left behind that would have been found by now. And training what ever that guys name is on how to use chakra. I really hate shepard, talia, and liara or whatever her name is when they speak because all any of them think about is sex.
8/5/2021 c13 Arashi Uzukaze
You know, I'll be fine with ShepxLiaraxTali so long as it is at least NarutoxAshleyxJack. Can't have Shep one up Naruto and if you could make the ShepxLiaraxTali thing work, then you could easily make the NaruxAshxJack one work too. Lol.
8/5/2021 c11 Arashi Uzukaze
Naruto: There's someone I'm interested in and she's not one for a threesome.

Me: Noooo! Naruto there is a such thing as an open relationship! Don't give up your playboy ways! T-T
8/5/2021 c10 Arashi Uzukaze
Two hot ladies vying for Shep with him attracted to both too and Naruto is only seriously wooing just ONE woman?! Just what kind of playboy is Naruto?! Lolz.
7/28/2021 c13 21NewMystery356
Love the fight choreography in this arc so far; you've definitely made maximum use of the Noveria colony that they landed in in-game and made it into something much-more real. Plus, it's just really fucking FUNNY how each Team has their OWN ride into the Peak 15 Facility instead of them all taking ONE vector; this of course means the three Teams will now be scattered across Peak 15 assuming they enter at DIFFERENT locations, though whether or not they'll be able to COMMUNICATE with one another IN Peak 15 has yet to be seen.
I binged this over a couple of days, and I have to say, it's one of the best Mass Effect crossovers I've ever read. I'm definitely eager to read more! Keep up the great work!
7/28/2021 c12 NewMystery356
Kaira too was made into more than a one-off; great job~
7/27/2021 c11 NewMystery356
Ha, I caught that Matrix reference~ Also, GOD Naruto’s old if he’s the only one who knows what a “phone booth” is. Shepard playing Nasanna with help from the Shadow Broker was also quite inspired. Your work on Anoleis made him much more than a one-off; I’m deeply impressed by the worldbuilding.
7/27/2021 c10 NewMystery356
Well, Kahoku definitely lived and died well, though he could’ve at least spat in Leng’s face; visor or no visor.
7/26/2021 c9 NewMystery356
Wrex with a Revenant modded out the ass; that’s a “Rambo gun” if I’ve ever read one~ I’m surprised Naruto was able to squeeze out (ha! Phrasing) another “phrasing” there at the end. Also, “Long and Painful”, the name of Shepard’s sex tape~ Also, eager to see what Wrex does to Dobson or whatever the fuck his name was.
7/25/2021 c8 NewMystery356
For some reason that Biotic monkey made me think of Mojo Jojo. Also, you made Lina into a REAL shitshow…! Also, glad they learned their lesson from Feros by putting their HELMETS on! As for the AI being framing SHODAN, I did NOT see that coming! I thought you just turned Luna Base into a shitshow for shots and goggles, but daaaamn!
When it comes to Conrad… may the various Gods and Elementals of the universe have mercy on our souls…
7/25/2021 c7 NewMystery356
Kasumi’s appearance and the possibility of saving Keiji is an interesting one; that he has Alliance intel in that grey box of his makes me think at the least, he’ll give Naruto a ride. A stealth ship would defy give them the edge on Hock. Shame she cockblocked them though…
7/25/2021 c6 NewMystery356
The Thorian gassing Kaiden and Garrus definitely adds a wrinkle… As for the “Swamp of the Underworld”… bad way to go. Also, if they knew it controlled them with spires, why didn’t they START with helmets?
7/24/2021 c5 1Blaze501st
so this is actually really good. it's not often that I find an "immortal Naruto merges with some other series" story to be good. other then Kenchi618 they often just make him Super OP and wipe everything out or make him insane or something.
7/24/2021 c5 21NewMystery356
That scene with Saren and the Thorian was very well done. I can definitely see it as a cutscene in the game.
7/23/2021 c4 NewMystery356
Ha! “Phrasing”…
As for Cerberus’ inclusion at the end, I kinda wanna see Naruto and Kai Leng fight one another; even if “fight” turns out to have big giant quotation marks around it. Maybe NARUTO gets to cap him in both knees?
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