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10/31/2014 c3 3SakuraKoi
10/31/2014 c2 SakuraKoi
10/31/2014 c1 SakuraKoi
9/6/2013 c7 7Purrloin77
ok i'm sorry about this critiquing but Kaito's main thing was his poker face and also in his manga Magic Kaito he met and a real witch and believed her magic was real. again gomen ne (sorry)it bugged me so i had to saw it
8/8/2013 c33 animelover9890
When dark says that he heard that time flows differently in other worlds it reminded me of Fairy Tail. Funny how Kid would steal from a jewelry store when he usually steal from a museum or something along the lines. Usually the ones on TV. Nice ending though, reminds me of the funny endings in detective conan.
8/7/2013 c32 animedude171
Once this crossover is finished, write a bleach, durarara and sword art online crossover.
8/7/2013 c32 animelover9890
LOL almost seems like the ending but when you read the last part its easy to tell there will be another chapter!
8/6/2013 c31 animedude171
You should become a professional writer, this peice is long yet very good.
8/6/2013 c31 animelover9890
Wow that was one simple, easy way to stop the dragon. Then again its usually the simplest things that does the job.
8/5/2013 c30 animelover9890
I can't wait for the next chapter :)
8/3/2013 c29 animelover9890
Wow that was unexpected.
8/2/2013 c28 animelover9890
I was hoping this chapter was a little longer but its fine. can't wait for the next chapter!
8/1/2013 c27 animelover9890
Good chapter. I hope the next one is Detective Conan chapter!
7/31/2013 c26 animelover9890
Aw, I'm gonna miss school! LOL that was funny :)
7/31/2013 c25 animelover9890
I doubt Conan would get something to eat.
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