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7/16/2013 c11 longtobeme
7/16/2013 c10 longtobeme
This dinner is just waiting to take a strange turn!
7/16/2013 c9 longtobeme
This dinner will be memorable! Jasper being there will help Bella!
7/16/2013 c8 longtobeme
Hilarious...I can't wait for the dinner date!
7/16/2013 c7 longtobeme
I am so excited to read Bella and Edward's correspondence!
7/16/2013 c6 longtobeme
I love how Emmett is helping Bella! He is the perfect Cupid!
7/16/2013 c5 longtobeme
Alice sounds like and ENERGIZER BUNNY on steroids!
7/15/2013 c3 longtobeme
I hope to read Bella's reaction to this attention!
7/15/2013 c2 longtobeme
I love Edward's internal monologue!
7/15/2013 c1 longtobeme
7/15/2013 c25 2NKubie
dulcet tones of polite evil. - This made me giggle.
"Do you think Edward sounded good in the appointment yesterday?"
"Yes, I do. He's been making some impressive strides. Is there...anything from that session you need to talk about?"
I turned beet red, thinking of the paintings and my humiliation, anger flaring for a moment, but shook my head no. That was in the past, and I was ready to move on. - Paintings? Did I miss something? Did Edward paint nude pics of Bella or something as "therapy?" Hmmm.
I like how time has passed and we know some of the progress made, but we didn't have to suffer through chapter after chapter after chapter of Edward being in the hospital. Thank you for that!
I'm looking forward to Edward getting out and seeing how he is now, not just with Bella, but everyone and just living life. And yeah, E&B having sex, 'cause let's face it, that's why we read M rated fics, isn't it?

Again, I'm glad you're back!
7/14/2013 c24 NKubie
Hey Jen! I really did try to resist trying to figure it out, but in the back of my mind I tried anyway. Actually, I understood what was happening pretty early on, so it's all good.

And it really was good. This was different, but really interesting to see E&B from a completely different perspective.

My heart aches for them, but the love is there and I trust you when you say there is an HEA.

Sorry it took so long to read this after it was posted, but RL has been busy. I was so pleasantly surprised when you re-posted. I missed these two. And you too!

7/14/2013 c25 i.luv.twilight2
I can't wait for Edward's release and his adjustment back to society. Fantastic story!
7/13/2013 c24 roughdraft525
Interesting perspective.
7/13/2013 c23 roughdraft525
Their relationship is beautiful. I'm excited for Bella.
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