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7/4/2013 c25 veri4ka
Dude! You are awesome, your story's awesome and I can't wait for more! And by that I mean E&B sexy times :D Just kidding (well kinda, 'cause I DO wanna see them sex it up lol) but seriously your writing's awesome and when this baby wraps up I am definitely gonna be on board for whatever other projects you have in mind :) So yeah, update soon!
7/4/2013 c25 mommymac0508
I loved it well Bella is doing really well and making progress in herself and now she is seeing Alice with new eyes now how will things go with Edward getting out update soon
7/4/2013 c25 Elli-Iris
Ready to see them reunited! Excited! Happy 4th! IrisElli
7/4/2013 c25 chicalicious
I'm proud of Bella for continuing her sessions with Dr. Cullen. The fact that she is starting to confront Alice and is now able to look back at their childhood and see where Alice took the heat from their mother for her and can also see how Alice has her own demons is HUGE! I'm so ready for Edward to get out of the hospital, how many weeks has it been?

7/4/2013 c1 7JenJadeEyes
So good to see these favorites back on fanfiction! It's my next holiday re-read, for sure!
7/4/2013 c25 Oldenuf2knobeta
"No, pumpkin, I'm taking the side of reality. Why don't you come join the rest of us."
That, I'm embroidering on a cushion to give to my husband for his Birthday.

I'm entitling this chapter "they fuck you up your Mum and Dad" by the poet Philip Larkin. And he wrote that in the 50's.

I totally relate to Bella's issues with throwing shit away. My mind is so desperate for order, but my resting state is chaos...and just thinking about sorting through everything makes me wish for my bed, a psych ward or prison.
Great chapter. Missing Edward almost as much as Bella.
7/4/2013 c25 tracyluvstwilight2010
Great chapter
7/4/2013 c24 chicalicious
So he's "alive" when Bella comes to visit. This is comforting because I don't want him to become a zombie and be over medicated all the time in order to function. I'm glad he's getting out soon!

7/4/2013 c23 chicalicious
They're both trying to get better. I want Edward to do whatever he needs to do to get out of the hospital. I'm with Bella he needs to tell them what they want to hear in order to be released.

7/3/2013 c22 chicalicious
This chapter just makes me wang to cry. I don't understand how medicating him to the point where he feels nothing is an improvement.

7/3/2013 c21 chicalicious
Rose and Emmett are so sweet. Carlisle out maneuvering Alice was so win!

7/3/2013 c25 denisemexicana
I love this story, hope you update soon. This is one of my favorite stories.
7/3/2013 c20 chicalicious
Poor Edward! It's so sad to read how crippling his fear is, especially when he was told to take a walk so Bella could calm down during his therapy session. These two are so challenged, sometimes it feels like they are only together because they are sexually attracted to each other but then when we get a glimpse into their heads and realize that they each genuinely enjoy spending time with each other, it makes me smile big.

7/3/2013 c19 chicalicious
These two are so cute! Loved the lemon, their time together in the restaurant, and Edward playing the piano for her.

7/3/2013 c17 chicalicious
I remember reading this chapter before and it still makes me just as sad. They are both so plagued by their disorders, it's sad that they can't even be there for each other because they are so consumed with their own feelings. It's understandable though.

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