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7/21/2016 c27 Guest
Thanks so much for this! It's great to get your ending, I've made a few up of my own in my reading and re-reading of your story... Look forward to the outtakes too. I love that here I get to see such different people than we usually get online.
Hey, take a break if you need it. Writing is HARD. I'm signed up your blog though, for the future. And thanks SO much for sharing what you write.
7/22/2016 c19 blb1000
Hee hee hee.
7/21/2016 c18 blb1000
I thought the latex thing ran in the family (according to Jasper)?
7/21/2016 c17 blb1000
Oh, I want to cry for him.
7/21/2016 c16 blb1000
Oops! I don't know how you managed to write the EPOV. It's soooo unique.
7/21/2016 c15 blb1000
Ah hell, and it was going so well.
7/21/2016 c14 blb1000
I hope she gets the guts to cut Alice off at the knees.
7/21/2016 c13 blb1000
Good that Jazz has big balls.
7/19/2016 c27 Guest
I just stumbled across this story, and I am a little sad that you didn't get to a complete reunion between the two mains, but I thoroughly enjoyed this story. You wrote the characters into something new, but incredibly vivid and fitting. Thank you for this story. I hope you do write some future takes sometime.
7/20/2016 c12 blb1000
Ah hell.
7/19/2016 c10 blb1000
Oh hell.
7/19/2016 c8 blb1000
Yeah little deer in headlights!
7/19/2016 c7 blb1000
She will now realize they have the same doctor.
7/19/2016 c6 blb1000
Cute scene with Emmett!
7/19/2016 c5 blb1000
Ok, finally the letter!
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