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for Ohsaka High's Sports Hero

9/22/2016 c4 whrr.trudy
I just want to say thank you for sharing your story, and I hope you and your little one have a safe and happy life.
9/11/2016 c4 3Phantomdream
Hey! I love your story but I understand that this is way more important. I'm sorry a guy had to do something like that, so irresponsible... Seriously. Anyway I wish you and Harry the best! May you both continue to be very Happy.
9/10/2016 c4 1RevKAA
Hi, i just want to ask you that when someone adopts this story, if you could tell us, i really like this story, it's so original and i hope you and your baby are fine. Bye
9/9/2016 c4 2LizzieLyn
Not everyone is meant to be a fanfiction writer forever. Sometimes life happens. Hope you and Harry have a great future. Sorry to hear your bf was such a jerk though. Don't let life's crap bring you down. Good luck!
9/9/2016 c4 Vaerish
congratulations on having a kid. I'm sure he's adorable and don't worry at least one of your fans understands. I hope he becomes intelligent and happy.
1/21/2016 c3 1MageVicky
this is really good, thanks for writing it, I hope to read more soon! Is it going to be slash? If it is, i hope Harry ends up with one of the older years, like Kujo or Namba.
11/2/2015 c3 DarkRavie
I love this story. It's an excellent read and I look forward to reading what happens in your next chapter.
9/24/2015 c3 1sunfun
6/18/2015 c3 12lance215
Oh my godness! Please PLEASE! update it soon!
i love hana kimi! Is one of mi favorite doramas in the world! I prefer the korean version but the japanese is funnier!
I love that it is yaoi-slash! And hope that harry realise she is a girl and tries to help her but both end embarrased!

Please update soon because i love the idea... i cant wait to see harry winnig and be crowned miss!

6/14/2015 c3 yuki
Update soon please, I want to read the reaction Harry got when he is in Miss Osaka. I'm dying on curiousty here.
6/2/2015 c3 Utasaki N
Please oh please wright the next chapter soon please I really want to know what happens next I really want to see how Harry will look in Miss Osaka soooo badly and I love this manga and I saw both the live version and let me tell you it was beautiful XDDDD Would of love it to if they made it into an anime it will be awesome and now I want to read the manga again XDDDDDDDD Please update the next chapter soon good luck~!
5/4/2015 c3 LunaDragAngel
This is my first HP/Hana-kimi crossover! I really enjoy the drama the characters bring & it being an all boys school only comes as more of a bonus! I liked the little dig at the Ouran school & enjoy the slight humors! Was the part where Harry's glasses were taken meant to compare with Haruhi in OHSHC? Will be waiting eagerly for an update!
4/3/2015 c3 1Amarante96
It's been a great story so far! I can't wait for the Miss Osaka pageant! Btw, will this story have a pairing for Harry? If so I really hope that it'll be with Nanba! He was always my fav character in the manga ;) Also I hope Dudley will be making appearances in this fic... I always love it when a fic shows Dudley redeemed... unfortunately most just leave it at that without including more interactions between him and Harry!

Keep it up!
3/27/2015 c3 1Minidino
I really like this story, please update soon I'm looking forward to what will happen next.
3/24/2015 c3 1Start.Again.Angel
I can't wait for the Miss Ohsaka pageant - Harry I'm excited to see what a lovely lady you make. Great chapter!
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