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for The Meaning of Fear

7/1/2013 c2 2Person who has a name
This story is just so adorable. Lil April asking pitch questions just funny
7/1/2013 c2 Frost
'Was the child broken?' Goodness, I love this so much! April, a mere child, teasing the King of Nightmares?! This is delightfully sweet and funny!
7/1/2013 c1 8Mystichawk
This is a very good beginning. I enjoyed how I was written by almost April's POV, but not quite. And she made fun of Pitch's 'dashing good looks'! HILARIOUS!
April's character is highly amusing and her age just makes her even more adorable. Pitch didn't seem too OOC, and the way he spoke was spot-on with Jude Law's voice and accent.
You have a gift for writing and I hope you publish the next chapter soon. Well done.
6/28/2013 c1 Frost
Aww! So naive and adorable! I love it! Pitch didn't seem OOC to me. I mean, all through the movie, he refused to do anything truly horrible even though he's pretty darn scary in the books.
Great job and please update soon!
6/28/2013 c1 3Abby-Flourite
I love this story so far! Lol ah gawd what is fear? I cant wait for more
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