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7/27/2018 c3 by nay
im still wait for another chapter
11/24/2013 c3 7jescya
awesome story
10/13/2013 c3 11sparkles princess
Great story, man. Out of five, I'd give it a 4.7. The problem, I suppose, was the summary... It was rather misleading. Some errors here and there, but that is inevitable. That's all I guess. Nice work you have here, bud.
10/12/2013 c3 14rosaji
Oh I wish that would happen to me hahahaha ...I love it!
10/7/2013 c3 FeatherGuitar
amazing! i really like it! i can't wait for more sex and drinks :3
10/3/2013 c3 11Medaka-chan
omg it was very goood, i loveeee it :D :D but it's really the last chapter ? it looks like that need one more chapter...you know...what happen next, they start going out together ? :O i hope so XD, and if it's over you should put complete :) i hope you keep writing about them :D
10/3/2013 c3 xgasai-yunox
HOLY SHIT. you don't know how long I've waited for an update. And yeah one word to describe this chapter? Hot. HOT HOT HOT. YEAAAH. I hope you write more gruvia im the future. C:
9/10/2013 c2 FeatherGuitar
nice! keep going!
8/8/2013 c2 JuRi

I want a steamy hot S*x session for the two of them XD
8/6/2013 c2 16IndigoHailstorm
It was amazing! Write more soon! X3
8/1/2013 c2 7Cookie-chan91
Oh my...Gray and Juvia...you're both so bold! -blushes-
7/31/2013 c2 12sabina.chaudri
Yes! Please, write more!:) It's just right :) I like it:) It's really calm and steady and that just makes it hotter _
7/27/2013 c2 Guest
man this is stupid but yeah, I think I'm acting like Juvia right now so, wtf let's just rock this world Juv! love d story, write more please
7/23/2013 c2 Piru
club, seducing, dancing and making out?all these in a gruvia fanfic?!...OH GOD I want MOREEEEE! I liked it soo much and I love the song too! Good work Juv baby heheee ;)))) I'm eagerly waiting for the next chapter c:
7/23/2013 c2 11Medaka-chan
good? WOOOOO awesome :D, i loveee the chapter, very good describe the scenes and the moves, and the hot feeling that they were feeling XD, they are going to that placeeee, i want to know what happen :D, againg i love the chapter ;D, i'll be waiting the next ;)
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