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for Ambition of the Uzumaki Clan

9/16 c1 1ParamD77
Can you please work on this?
7/19 c9 Guest
Please if someone is willing to continue this masterpiece leave it on the comments, this story is too cool to be incomplete :C
6/30 c9 Guest
PLEASE!... this is defnitely one of the best Naruto in era of war I have ever read and romance is appreciated as well...
6/22 c3 Guest
You're Naruto is very vengeful the quote Arthur Morgan Red Dead redemption vengeance is a fool's game
6/17 c9 krzychu14x
Still hoping you may continue it someday!
6/4 c4 1Kenjiuzumaki2884
good fight
4/21 c1 Guest
You can tell the difference when author is underage or mature and the obviously this individual who worked the stories was underage the way he wrote the story immediate screams underage minor trying to write another fanfiction and when one was a little more mature understands the story the writing not to mention the short attention span and also possible that is fanfiction author has suffers from ADD. I'm going to go on a lot of one that he she is underage because of a short attention span every story writes you can tell most often fanfiction fairy tale stories are the most popular among miners when it comes to writing stories and underage fan fan author wherever he is I hope he's okay
4/6 c1 HalfBlood Prince
After many years٫ I have not been able to find another fanfic with this type of premise and Naruto x Mito...T_T
3/17 c1 kazikaga
dude you don't even understand genetics do you what do you mean it's not possible of course it is you moron
3/15 c9 Guest
I believe you ran into writer's block as we like to call and his abandoned the story for 3 years and the reason he ran into writers block is he wrote a nonsense story just like the return of Northern singing jiraiya and Tsunade a nurse's parents in that one and he has blonde hair and blue eyes he'd probably in inherit his blonde hair from Tsunade but neither the jiraiya or Tsunade have blue eyes So would not be possible for Naruto's eyes to be blue if they were his family
3/5 c9 Guest
Next chapter
2/8 c9 Guest
Todavía no pierdo la fe de que el autor actualizará está historia y la terminé realmente me gustaría está historia yo la leí en el 2017 y todavía sigo esperando una actualización espero que realmente puedas actualizar está historia y si no puedes te deseo todos los éxitos pero por lo menos dinos que no vas a continuar para no estar ilusionando de algo que no va pasar por favor gracias por escribir está gran historia
12/23/2022 c9 Rodrigo Vega Vega
Awww yo quería ver más, bueno todo lo bueno tiene un fin, buena historia.
12/12/2022 c9 leonardobernini
I hope you continue with this story, one of the best I have ever read in my time
11/15/2022 c9 Danirodriguez1995
Please continue with the story, it's very good, please don't give up, a story that really has no comparison. I can tell you since I am a big fan of this type of story and the truth is that they have no comparison.
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