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2/10/2016 c2 6The Somebody of Nobody
I really want Howard to get hit.
9/19/2014 c2 123456789
Please update this story. it really got me interested and now i need to know more!
2/1/2014 c2 18StarkSkywalker15
Hola soy Alexia. ¿Por qué no has subido el siguiente capitulo? Sabes siempre he estado buscando una historia donde el padre de Tony es revivido o sigue vivo, asi que tu historia es muy interesante por eso te quería pedir que si puedes continuar con la historia.
11/4/2013 c2 22Post U Later
That Last Line... Just Ouch.

Well, So Far, This Isn't Horrible. Tony's Only Been Insulted, Told A Clipped Version Of His Entire Origin Story, & Started Going Into Cardiac Arrest... All In Like 5 Minutes.

On The Good Side, At Least Howard Said He Was Proud Of Him... & Now Probably Respects Him A Bit. That's Good. This Is Turning Out Better Than I Thought It Would.

Can't Wait For More! X3
11/4/2013 c1 Post U Later
...Well Shit. Fury's Gone & Resurrected Howard Stark... Hopefully This Ends Well... Doubtful Though.
10/20/2013 c2 ButterflyStories
this is brilliant! I love the whole concept and its cool Tony finally has a chance to tell Howard exactly how much he screwed up. Hope for an update soon!
10/3/2013 c2 16FudoTwin17
:) I luv it! Update soon please! XD
9/24/2013 c2 RubyBabyDragon
More pleas?
8/8/2013 c2 3TMP145
love this but i thought howard was abusive but ah well i hope u update real soon i want to find out howards reaction to the suits x
7/31/2013 c2 2Yuki082
I never would have thought of this. I saw the summary and was like, "Oh no WAY"
More please!
7/12/2013 c2 4AbsoluteMadness
ohahaha! Can't wait for one PLEASE UPDATE SOON!
7/6/2013 c2 18Harm Marie
7/6/2013 c2 7JazzNProwl's sparklingAriaFyre
Omg! Wtf howard?!
7/6/2013 c2 2R.U. Lisnin
Really awesome chapter! Update soon!
7/6/2013 c2 15patty cake rocks
I likethis! Update soon please!
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