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1/1/2016 c6 jess
im confused. where is chapters 7 and 8? it says its been updated but i only see 6 chapters. :O
12/31/2015 c5 jessiej1987
im so confused. :O it says its been updated but i only see 6 chapters and i already read chapter 6 awhile back.
12/29/2015 c6 whoooohoooooo46
I saw this story about 10 minutes ago... I LOVE IT! On chap 6, did Hibari and Gitto appear, or is it just my memory? Anyhow, can you add the children (Lambo, Fuuta, I-Pin) soon? Thanks! :D

Thank you for creating this story! Update soon!- tsukilag
11/12/2015 c8 Guest
Yay, I got to the end of this chapter :)

But seriously, I don't mind the long chapters

Otherwise liking this story
10/21/2015 c8 21ezcap1st
Very dramatic.
10/14/2015 c8 8Natsuyuuki
Ending... huh...

well, how about Byakuran try to kidnapped Tsuna but until end, Tsuna manage to draw his flame and win fight with byakuran...?

and of course, Arcobaleno, espesially Reborn helping Tsuna :3

by the way, this story was interesting, I hope you can finish it :)
10/1/2015 c8 11Hime-chan Natsumi
Wao! Que impresionante, aunque no entendí... Dino es el auto proclamado hermano de Tsuna. Giotto es el verdadero hermano de Tsuna. Hasta ahí voy bien. Pero también Dino es el padre de Tsuna? Como es eso posible? Siento que el R27 es muy liviano, pero igual me gusta!
9/30/2015 c8 Guest
Your story is just pure awful why did you make him a total loser this is irritating to read
9/30/2015 c8 Assasin8
Whoa, Giotto's the head of this thing? Wow, Tsuna's got connections. It's cool how all the characters seem to be intertwined outside of the main stuff that's happening. I think it's hilarious how everyone threatens Tsuna when he gets hurt. Yamamoto and Reborn are quite possibly the scariest versions of mother hens I've ever seen. Also, it appears that you're going to give Gokudera a much more psychologically scarring backstory than the one he had originally. This could end up affecting his character development, and I'm curious to see how that affects the story too. It's also interesting how you portray the effects of dealing with bullying here. It's like everything someone does to help him out ends up making a new problem or backfiring... Tsuna in this story seems to be the kind of person who's resilient and willing to wait out a storm because he has the hope that it'll pass eventually. I can actually relate a lot, and on a psychological level, it's interesting to see how a person with that kind of mindset reacts when they suddenly get a lot of attention and help from a bunch of semi-strangers who never really paid much attention to them. At any rate, great job and update soon!
9/30/2015 c8 2history
Your chapter is not sucky.
On yor end, Tsuna is not well and sees the world in a dark light!
9/29/2015 c8 AlternateInverse
You're spoiling me, I swear. I hate the emotional shit your story makes me go through. I feel devastated at the end of the chapter- Waaaa TvT now I've got to wait for the next. Thank you for the update /o/
9/29/2015 c8 ADDBaby
Jesus Fucking Christ. I might as will stab myself with a rust ass spoon with all the emotional abuse I'm giving my self with this beautifully twisted story.

For the love of all that is fluffy and glittering, someone go and hug the ever living shit out of poor Tsuna, PLEASE! 9QAQ)9
9/28/2015 c7 AlternateInverse
Oh my goodness! What a juicy R27 story. I'm so glad I found this xD. Please update soon, I'm already anticipating the next chapter.
9/28/2015 c7 Assasin8
Awww, Tsuna's finding friends! That's nice! Chrome is awesome, I'm coming to like the role she's playing. Poor Dino though... That was a sad sounding journal entry. Things are getting really tense now! You're an awesome writer! Great job and update soon!
9/27/2015 c7 thor94
really interesting.
poor tsuna.
then, the flames existing here.
hope you will give tsuna the strongest flames ever since in entire history and have reborn grow tsuna into the most badass and most skilled person ever, and have him punish all off his bullier badly. being too much kind is not good or safety.
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