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11/24 c7 6R.N.Ellington
I just want to point out that when Harry is referencing the fight with taskmaster; he first calls it poison and then corrects it to venom, but then says that it came from a poisonous Snake.

if you bite it it's poisonous. if it bites you it's venomous.
if it's just generally hazardous to life in general, then it's toxic.
11/17 c12 TBWL713
I am really annoyed. I love the fights and the magic you have Harry wield and the potential Harry has with his mutant ability. It is well written and articulated and the overall plot is well thought-out and has a lot of potential. There are so many good things about this story. Unfortunately, ever since Harry and Ororo have gotten together, you've had this feminist female worship thing going on. As time goes on it just gets worse, he rolls over every time and you seem to feel the need to cut Harry's intelligence in half whenever they have a debate that leaves a cowering Harry looking stupid and childish and the female looking mature and intelligent.

I don't even need to comment on Harry giving Emma the stock. No matter how much he values their "friendship", he barely knew her at the time and it is a clear example of female worship in this story.

The Wizard hating in this story is getting very old. Regular people aren't all that great either, especially 1000 years ago. I feel like the argument with Ororo about the adults of Hogwarts' actions are an example of you dumbing Harry down to make Ororo look smarter, I don't see another reason as to why you make Harry so stupid whenever arguing with a female.

Harry is having some crazy mood swings. He bursts into tears then starts smirking and laughing just to go back to crying. You could have used the Negative Zone as an excuse but you already said that he has gotten past the effects. Seriously, he has seen war, all of his friends brutally killed by demons right in front of him, his girlfriend and her pregnant mother's dead and defiled bodies, yet he is crying over some kids who died peacefully in their sleep 1000 years ago? After all of that, I would be sad but far too hardened to cry over something that happened so long ago.

It's so annoying that the bad parts are the bits that you write so much on, even so, the good fights and potential plot are almost worth sitting through what is probably over 1 million words worth of female worship, wizard hating angst. Almost... I'm done.
11/16 c11 TBWL713
Honestly don't know if I can read on. Harry is literally just a hormonal doormat for attractive women. He gives Emma 1.4m Dollars worth of stock because why not and then proceeds to find he has money problems. Every odd paragraph is detailing him ogling one of them and then thinking: "I can't think about them like this, I have a girlfriend". The repetition and extremely amateurish foreshadowing is just terrible. The fight scenes are so great, as is the concept and I love the idea of the BI spells. This would be a great story if you gave Harry some independence and didn't spend half the words describing Harry's hard-on for one of the girls.
11/14 c20 19Tenchi Knight
Wow. just wow. honestly I wish that we had our own Harry Potter to get the US back on track.
11/14 c8 13Camillus Goose
Ah yes, mysterious leader. I wonder who will it be? Bending metals and Brotherhood? I wonder! Alas, could not be Magneto, certainly not, I wonder who the mysterious leader is!
11/14 c19 19Tenchi Knight
Just a small quibble... The Red Scull had planned on hitting all capitals as was mentioned in Captain America a n zi officer looked at the target map and verbally identified Berlin before being blasted.
11/13 c18 Tenchi Knight
I love the absolute moral compass that Colossus shows in this chapter. You're doing the big guy proud.
11/12 c15 Tenchi Knight
Just a note, it's not known as the Vietnam War in Vietnam. it's known as The American War.
11/12 c40 1Xanathos
ch 41 time chamber. If inside time is one week to outsides one day, then inside time is FASTER than outside time. If you have more time inside than outside then you would also need food inside the room before you activated the room otherwise trying to have food sent in from outside would mean that the food would start to spoil as it was moved through the time dilation field.
11/11 c1 13Camillus Goose
Harry's behaviour: badass
11/11 c1 KingSayan
There are tens of thousands of Harry Potter fanfiction. And there are thousands of Harry Potter crossover FanFiction. Most of them are bad, very bad. But I can honestly say that I have read a couple of hundred of the best of the fanfictions. There are some more popular Harry Potter crossover FanFiction than this one that I have read, But I can say wholeheartedly that THIS IS THE BEST ONE. Fantastic World Building, Character Development, Relationships and Plot Development with very few Plot Holes far and between. Character development like that of Scott Summers, and father-daughter relationship between Harry and Melody are just fantastic to read. Not even Harry's relationship with multiple strong-willed females does not seem forced unlike so many others. In all honesty read it; it’s worth your time, I promise.
11/10 c14 coolishable
Forced to drop because I find Emma incredibly annoying, and its apparent she's going to occupy more and more of the spotlight such that I won't be able to skim her parts anymore. Most unfortunate. Besides that, good writing and characterization of everyone else. Your dialogue is definitely pretty good, if it meanders a tad too much sometimes. Overall I enjoy your story alot outside of Emma. Best of luck!
11/8 c3 ALLHEAVEN2
why can't he fly? the death eaters all could, even the members of the order.
11/8 c24 RyTheGuy
Did... did he seriously not bother to check on Thanos AT ALL after that fight? Your harry is actually the most inconsistent character i have read for a while now. He oscillates wildly from competent to actual brain dead idiot do often, and it mostly seems like it only happens so plot can happen
11/6 c22 RyTheGuy
Is Harry an idiot? Him fighting a fistfight is so out of character from everything you ha e built him as it hurts
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