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12/2 c33 kageknuser2710
Israel? Really? The Palestinians have a terrorist group because they can't defend themselves against the IDF, which happens to be supplied by Germany and USA, two of the strongest militaries in the world. The recent skirmish between them happened because the Israeli wanted to throw Palestinians out of their OWN homes. That's messed up mate.
The UN dropped the ball big time by splitting the area up. They could have made it one large nation, and enforced a Israeli-Palestinian Government, but no. They messed it all up, and the Palestinian civilians are paying the price.
I'm not in any way saying that Hamas is in the right, but considering that Israel is the occupying power, I do feel they have just as much right to protect their people as the Ukrainians against Russia.
It's a crappy situation though. Another example of the West dropping the ball when interacting with Asian countries.
12/1 c12 medatron
I'm guessing the author might have a foot fetish
11/29 c51 Outlook43
Thanks again for sharing another great chapter.
11/26 c29 kageknuser2710
Ugh, I hate people who use religion for their own selfish goals. Lifetime in prison should be their sentence.
11/26 c29 kageknuser2710
Definitely agree with you on the punishment for rape. The bastards deserve way worse than they get.
11/25 c28 kageknuser2710
Aaah alas, once more the Jews seem to pick the right side in the fight of power. 2000 years of prosecution truly taught them how to make smart decisions. If only others were as quick on the uptake
11/25 c28 kageknuser2710
It's kinda funny... Out of the three major Abrahamic religions, Islam is the only one that actively believes in Jinns as being creatures created by God. Muslims are also more likely to believe in Sorcery as well.
Another thing is that Islam doesn't have a history of burning witches, they tend to believe in Exorcisms instead.
It's a pretty weird thing actually, especially since Saudi Arabia is the only Arabic country that is actively against witchcraft with active anit-magic police forces. Such a backwards country that uses lies to cover up their own corruption. Though it's an effective tool to absolve themselves of guilt. "I didn't cheat on my wife, the Indonesian maid used a spell on me!" Freaking bullshit is what it is. Just like Churches used it up until the late 18 hundreds.
I'd have to say it's more of a cultural thing though, and not really religious in any case.
Take Morocco as an example. I once traveled there, and they had multiple practitioners who could apparently help with anything from divination to healing and curses.
So instead of actually having anything to do with religion, I'd say it's more of a cultural thing in general.
11/25 c27 kageknuser2710
Hahaha Hugin and Munin are bothering Queen Hedwig. Better show these peasants their place xD
11/24 c25 kageknuser2710
I'd say the Kree's slave workers are more similar to the 17m killed by Stalin. He set up work camps etc. and forced people to work until they died.
Holocaust was more of an attempt at genocide in comparison. The Nazi's hated those who were different from them, which is why they also killed Africans, Muslims and handicapped people in their camps. Unfortunately the Jews were their primary target, which is why so many of them suffered. At the end, it happened because of hate.
The Kree, like Stalin, don't hate the people they enslave, they just don't care about their well-being.
11/21 c16 Emi2468
I think Jean was being too dumb when going to selene's base. So much that it was out of character. I mean she literally triggered all the traps and she just kept going not stopping a second to think how or what to do to avoid it. In reality if she wasn't op as fuck and/or had plot armor she would have died for sure.
11/16 c21 kageknuser2710
Another thing, it's appalling to associate Muslims with the terrorists wrecking havoc. Anyone with a modicum of brainpower can see that terrorism has nothing to do with religion and everything to do with power. That is no matter the religion used as a front.
For Muslims to denounce those acts of terrorism would be the same as acknowledging that they actually believe the terrorists have anything to do with Islam. The actual religious leaders etc. have already said that those people have nothing to do with Islam. I do believe that is enough.
if the media can't announce that to the world, then it's a problem of power again.
11/16 c21 kageknuser2710
The ruling out Islam one is kinda dumb, considering many Muslims believe in Djinns, Fortunetellers etc. You would historically have a much tougher time with Christians out of the three book religions. Jews and Muslims have been much more accepting of the occult than Christians have ever been.
European Christians might not care at all, but American (North and South) and African Christians would most likely condemn magic as witchcraft.
11/15 c22 JinxedKnight
wouldn't it be easier to search for anything different from base human?
11/12 c20 2jormander2012
it's a good story but is bogged down with to much detail. I like the concept but the execution was lacking. most people dont care about the science behind things and while Harry Potter didnt have much science it had to explain your story does. the problem is that you seem to add in as much scientific detail that you can I'm gonna be honest and say I tried a theory I skipped everything in the last chapter that wasnt action oriented and or legit convos and it still made absolute sence. add in scientific stuff if and when it is required to understand an integral part of your story. take cerebro for example the average person does not know how it does what it does only that it works and at the end of the day the movies and comics are no worse for the lack of info because it's not required to understand what's happening I think the story's name was avengers assemble and same concept but from the avengers side rather than the x men side even though they were also in there. it explained what was needed and what was important and when it wasnt explained it away with Tony doing his thing. harry didnt need to know how to do it because he had someone there to help him with the stuff he didnt know. you have Jean an engineer who's not on Tony's level but still good and instead made harry figure it out and bogged down about half a chapter with info that wasnt required. I'm gonna be honest as is I cant really get into this story anymore because I have to keep scrolling past info that's boring to the average person. hell take out half of it and this story wouldnt be half bad like I said you have a good base the problem is you deviate alot from it to explain how scientific Harry's car is.
11/9 c9 JinxedKnight
harry should of easily won this fight
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