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for A Third Path to the Future

4/18 c16 gryphan.master900
What's the significance of the name of the village with the elves?
4/15 c11 AnimeGuy93
Harry has few problems i find he should not have considering his life and he time in the dark place(forgot the name) the fact he just gave away 10% stock that will b worth a few 100 million and now he's apparently planning on making armour made out of a metal that by his view shouldn't exist and is probably made by a god its like his life hasn't influenced his personality at all it's like his time after Hogwarts and his time in the dark zone didn't happen and i find this annoying
4/15 c9 AnimeGuy93
this Harry is honestly disappointing when you consider his age and he still cant silent cast and magical fire is fueled by magic not air so would the vacuum of space extinguish this black fire and im quitting if his magic repertoire is so limited also if this is movie Magneto he shouldn't be as strong as Harry and how can he breathe in the vacuum of space
4/12 c53 Laplase
I hope the next chapter comes soon.
4/1 c10 10Marcii Winters
3/30 c1 AuthorXX
Hopefully this is dropped
3/25 c15 Niehks
So far this story is absolutely amazing
The only thing that really confuses me about this story is the timeline
maybe i miss something somewhere, but im just confused
maybe cause i dont know the comics? probably xd

anyway, read this story, its worth it
3/21 c17 Guest
God it pisses me off "we shouldn't have let Harry go and do x on his own"... yet they crack the shits about Harry wanting to join them when they go off to do dangerous shit
3/14 c53 ulttoanova
I enjoyed this chapter after finally getting around to read it. I don't have too much to say but I enjoy this story and look forward as it draws to a close.
3/4 c3 arunraobalappa
I have no problems with an OP harry, I'd like it to remain that way, but that's just wishful thinking...keep up the good work
2/22 c19 Reaper1990
There's a quick and easy way to get rid of pierce and shaw. Glamour to hide your identity then a small portkey that's impact activated that deposits the target in an active volcano or the bottom of the sea? Lol
2/21 c18 1jiromanawari
what kind of fight is this? do they even use their brain to think? Jean literally just had to shut them off with Telepathy and then destroyed the scorpions, but noooo, the dumbass writer wanted to create some drama.
2/19 c12 Reaper1990
Simple ever full runes in the gas/petrol tank of the generator? Or create a magical perpetual motion generator/reactor that creates electricity?
2/19 c8 Reaper1990
Just had a thought about Harry's fight with magneto and his future fights, why not have Harry create the sphere shield and totally cut off the oxygen for them? Might work.
2/18 c5 5vkg313
Why is Haryy miffed about Xavier casually altering memories when he does the same thing at the end of the chapter to the Brotherhood?
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