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for A Third Path to the Future

10/22 c21 5Shodaime Gahokage
the reason why cat and dog fight is due to miscomunication.
a dog wag its tail it is happy, a cat doing so is nervous.
a dog crouching is scared, a cat is preparing a pounce.

Rahne and Illyich are not a wolf and a tiger that aquired human trait.

Or is it simply the two predator inside telling them to fight for the Beta role?
10/20 c1 1Dark White Fang
My only question after reading the first chapter was "What happened to Hedwige ?".
10/17 c42 kkzinho
Love your work and your dedication to keep so many fanfictions updates at the same time,but especially this one is my favourite, wait for your update and thanks.
10/16 c42 newboy
I like all the magic that harry has been learning, there is one thing that harry could learn more of and that is mental magic.

He knows occlumency, but there so many improvements he could make to magical offensive mental magic, and maybe even slight improvements to magical defensive magic. He could even improve the telepathic connection between the women and him if he learned more telepathic magic, I am surprised you have not had him do that, what with all the other magic he is learning.
10/13 c32 elixirmaster
Really don't get Harry being so anti-welfare... seemed condescending as all get out, almost as bad as him ripping on Lupin for not "getting over" his depression over his ailment earlier on... though I guess becoming strong from a tough childhood would lead someone to assume everyone else should be just as able.
10/13 c18 5Shodaime Gahokage

10/13 c31 elixirmaster
Damn, Storm continues to be badass.
10/12 c30 elixirmaster
Dude! was the wand being a focus to come here planned the entire time!? crazy planning skills. and finally paige gets a codename lol
10/11 c28 elixirmaster
This is so great, you're great for sharing it. Love all the characters, all getting sweet development points - like, I'm so glad you didn't forget about Paris, she's the best.
10/10 c24 elixirmaster
I love Harry's interview , he's awesome like a good Lex Luthor.
10/10 c42 1lancelot-B
This begs to be updated!
10/10 c10 Smokeing
I am not a very good reviewer but I enjoyed this chapter in this lie thank you
10/9 c13 AestasWinter
Didnt like this chapter... for all this is harry is being hyipocritacl af. He is playing god rly. Judging who is good and who isnt good. Wanting to be in control of everything.

For example he is judging tony? But then wtf has he done that is legal? All that money he has? Breaking laws. What has that done by inflating the market? Ruined tons of econemy...

It's a joke rly. If he carries on playing god im dropping. What he has shown in this chapter is 10x worse than whatever tony has done...
10/8 c19 elixirmaster
Poor Emma still is out of the lovey dovey stuff still, I can't wait till her n storm have a good bonding moment.
10/8 c18 elixirmaster
What an intense chapter. So much done and so much to do, their time management game is on point.
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