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for Jar of Hearts

1/31 c25 russia2774
thats a Shame as I'm loving your stories please let me know if you plan to start writing again
4/30/2021 c25 Guest
I enjoyed the fic
2/2/2020 c24 russia2774
more updates please loving it so far
7/9/2016 c25 russia2774
More updates please
2/14/2015 c23 Bethany72
please finish the story. it is really good.
2/5/2015 c25 Cathy
I love this story please don't give up
5/10/2014 c24 6LiaAPrescott
Please carry on please!
4/20/2014 c24 Guest
I love your fanfiction, I can't wait for you to write more, it is really good
2/22/2014 c24 russia2774
Love your story of jar of hearts please keep updating and I think Tasha's could be in for the bitch slapping of the century ha ha
2/18/2014 c24 nadia.morley
I love this story, please continue writing it :)
1/30/2014 c24 Really
To the pathetic guest reader who decided to be a complete prat and review this story. Nobody said you had to read it, you chose to read it. As a reader you need to understand a thing called the right to free speech, I'm pretty sure this is an amandment of not the first of American law. Where the hell do you get of criticizing someone's work this way. Most fanfics are slight Au and I think you need to take a look at yourself buddy and realise that at least the author is brave enough to put their work out there to be read. Unlike you, who pathetically writes a cruel review. Just remember you made a choice to read it. Of you don't like it that's not the authors problem. And just so you know, a friend of mine- a person much like rose attempted to kill herself, when she fell into a deep depression over a boy. So do not think that this doesn't happen, it does!
1/29/2014 c20 as
anyone else think this story is gay as hell? I mean the rose Hathaway we all know and love wouldn't cut herself like a jackass or try to kill herself just cause some dude left her
and its like..some shit happens then I sing
then some more shit happens then I sing
whats with all the gay ass songs? did I really see a katy perry song? omg I think I might puke
1/29/2014 c7 hjk
was Tasha about to say that they had sex? he said he couldn't give up being a guardian I mean we...but then you cut that shit out...what was she gonna say? they what?
11/17/2013 c13 Guest
So...dimiti's missing and they're sitting around laughing...sorry, but that is just terrible
11/14/2013 c24 MelissaDB'sLover
1 to all of your negative readers who cant read obviously can go eff themselves 2 while i dont remember everything about your story i do remember that i liked it 3 i hope that you could give me the weekend to read and review it with actual comments thank you for your time Melissa
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