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4/20 c1 franrizzoli1
er think you best remove. theres lotta help out there. please use it,before it's too late.
7/16/2020 c63 Guest
Poor story, terrible formatting and the "chapters" are far too short and in some cases only a single sentence. If you write more I'd suggest you get a beta.
4/28/2020 c60 1Rizzles90
I think you have serious issues. This is not fanfiction. Stop posting this disturbing stuff. Nobody reads it.
4/27/2020 c60 ainesle
I am very sorry if this all happened to you ... and I am certain you will recover one day and find joy again :)
11/22/2019 c57 silvia40
but why don't you stop with this farce?
it is not a story.
it has no beginning.
it doesn't have a plot.
it does not make sense.
it's just a jack ass!
11/21/2019 c10 7DarkWolfz397
It is very hard to follow along with your chapters. The plot seems like it would be interesting if the story itself wasn’t a tad bit piecemeal.
8/29/2019 c56 Guest
This is not fiction.
You would find more support by dealing with your problems elsewhere. If you need help (I assume you do), professionals will help you.
5/19/2019 c1 35Typhoon73
Why marking this as complete and continuing it?
Please ... Just stop!
12/24/2018 c48 RagingFalcon
This is so BORING! Nobody's reading this. You already said this is complete. So why are you still updating? This is not poetry. This is stupidity.
1/17/2018 c38 janeandmaura05
awwwwww both ends of the scale
12/28/2017 c37 janeandmaura05
awwwww thats sweet i liked it
11/19/2017 c34 janeandmaura05
very nice I liked it
11/3/2017 c32 janeandmaura05
very good I like it look forward to ur next fanfiction
11/1/2017 c31 Guest
hi i like your story very refreshing but why is it marked complete if it isn't?
10/27/2017 c31 perssimon
Please, stop posting this as a completed fiction story. It is nice poetry, but you are convoluting the works of a fiction site. Mark it as a work in progress, POETRY, and please stop taking up COMPLETED FF space. Keep writing, the work is nice. Just please post it appropriately. Thank you and enjoy your writing.
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