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1/4/2014 c26 19platypusgirl27
Good story! I love Gunsmoke! I haven't seen it in a while though..
1/1/2014 c26 TheEpicDuck123
This is awesome! Can't wait for the next update.
1/1/2014 c26 15zapdosmaster145
So, let me get this straight, they were using squirt guns filled with ketchup? How did I never think of that when I was a kid? Oh yeah, my mom always hid the ketchup... and the squirt guns...

To me, this was one of your more enjoyable episodes. I think you should have more confidence in it. When you say something like that at the beginning it lowers people's expectations from the get-go, when it was in actuality a fun diversion from the story of their summer, and it was pretty funny. Nobody would have thought any differently or even noticed if you had left that one note out. Be bold! It'll make us believe you're the wiser for it!
12/19/2013 c25 17ficklepickle7
Its funny, Dr. D made glue that makes things fall apart, and Phineas and Ferb made glue that sticks things together...
11/18/2013 c20 Blahblahblah
GREAT STORY!, and also a favor,,, ive tried to get on here, set up my own page,, but it just wont let me,,, and i can only comment,,, and i was wondering if you could publish this story for me?!,,, if not thats ok,,,,,,,,,,,

Ok,,,,,,,,, heres the plot,,,,,,,,,,,,

(Well first off,,, it mostly has Matilda plot,,, and Harry Potter plots in,,,, but who doesnt do that?,,,,

Heres the story,,,,,,, Baljeet and his mom are moving to Dixon, Montana,, where his mom got a great job opprotunity,,,, so they move,,, and its also start of school. So he attends Dixon middle school. And on his first day, He meets his two new best friends, Wyatt Lyons and Dane Matthews (girl),,, but also accidently makes 3 enemies, the main bully, Cole Thompson, and his 2 henchmen, Norman Oliver, and Jay Everrett.

We are also introduced to his whole other homeroom class,, (all ten years old) , Molly and Holly Kendrick (twins), Joyce Marcus, Lief Richards, Reuben Philip, Morgan Stewart, Tilla Sanchez, Donnie Issac, Hunter Gregory, Patrick Delson, and Eileen Haven.

(Patrick, i was inspired from Neville in Harry Potter,, not fat, since Patrick is skinny, yet very clumsy, kind and forgetful,,

And Eileen, i inspired off Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter,, incredibly sweet, naive, believes in things that other people dont,, but turn out to be real,, is bullied for that and called crazy, but does not care what people think.)

(Also, Patrick secretly likes Eileen,, but is afraid to tell her, yet also finds the courage to defend her when Cole and his friends pick on her,, and at the end of the story, she reveals she liked him the entire time too.)

So the group of friends are,,

Baljeet, Wyatt, Dane, Patrick (sidekick/ best friend later on,) and Eileen (sidekick and best friend later on)

And the principle, Ms. Bridgit Asher and a mysterious man plan to steal all the money from the school because the Super Intendient fired her brother as a teacher. Baljeet overhears the plan, tells his classmates, none of them believe him except for Wyatt, Dane, Patrick, and Eileen.

So as the 5 of them form a plan, and form a secret army for the five of them which they call Dixons Army, to stop the principle, and find the mysterious man, Baljeet is starting to loose hope in seeing that the five of them will succeed. But then Eileen inspires him with a song, that she herself sings to him,,(it is from a video i saw on youtube,, just type in Potterwatch act 2 part 2,, an it is the song that Luna sings to Harry to inspire him. Im gonna type the lyrics here to show you how they should be for this story,,,,)

Eileen- "Let me tell you about a girl,
who everyone thought was crazy,
Maybe they were right,
But maybe,,,

It was real all along,
All the things that she saw,
The beauty surrounds what you cant see at all,
Baljeet, we'll be fine, we just have to stand tall,

You and me, we'll find a place that we can be,
It's Dixons Army,
You and me, we'll find a place that we can be,
It's Dixons Army,

We're stronger than we ever get credit for,
Just need a light to open up the door,
To defeat the principle,
And make everything right, so right,

Forcing us to listen, listen to her,
But listen, listen do,
I have to take this too,
I know what youre going through,
Its true, woah, oh, oh, oh,

Its the time, yeah its the season,
We dont need a better reason,
I almost lost my mind, now I'm fine,

Yeah really, im fine,

Woah, oh, oh,
Take a good look at yourself,

You and me, we'll find a place that we can be,
Its Dixons Army,
You and me, we'll find a place that we can be,
Its Dixons Army"

After the song the two of them hug, find the other teammates, and go forward with the plan, however, right when they are almost done with the plan, the principle and the mysterious man arrive, and holds Eileen hostage (because she was on lookout, but he grabbed her from behind), he says he'll let her go if they give him the money,, but then Wyatt purposely throws it out the window, so while the principle and the man watch the money fall out, Patrick kicks the man in the shins, which makes him let go of Eileen from pain, in result she runs to Patricks arms and kisses him on the cheek.

But when the two adults corner the 5 kids, the rest of the classmates that didnt believe Baljeet before, also heard the plan, and dog pile the two adults until the police come and arrest the two of them.

2 months later, its summer, so Baljeet and his 4 new best friends visit phineas and ferb for the summer, and the five of them tell the others their story,,,,, and the end,,,,,,

Also, the characters, i picture them all skinny, and Wyatt has birdseed colored hair, Dane has black hair, so does Patrick, and (just like luna), Eileen has long scraggily dirty blonde hair.

And in the process, the five heroes come to think of each other as a family.

Its okay if you dont want to use it,,, BUT PLZ PLZ PLZ DO!

Like i said, i wish i could put it on my self,,, but it just wont let me,,, and and if you do want to use it, plz put this comment in your private webpage,, so i dont have to worry about someone else taking it.,,,, and leave a comment knowing u got it,,,,, plz and thank ya!;);););)!;);););)!
11/19/2013 c20 14bilaterus
I don't know why, but I just found this chapter incredibly entertaining xD

Let me think about it. Actually, I thought the SIMP Doof version was inspired. And your Doof was spot on throughout. And there were just so many great moments, I can't decide which is the goodest (which was also one of the good moments).

The fact that Perry talks and the Flynn-Fletchers know is slightly irksome, but your Perry is great so it doesn't matter so much. You nailed his relationship with Doof and I hope that stays as you write more of these little stories.
11/18/2013 c20 15zapdosmaster145
LOL yes! That is like my fifth favorite song from the show, that is so funny to for it to happen to Doof. Now he's had both squirrels in his pants and a mouse! (The Fast and the Phineas) What's next, a doonkelbat?
11/11/2013 c19 12Princess Unikitty
very cool premise for a story. bit too many author's notes, though.
11/3/2013 c18 15zapdosmaster145
Okay, I've been putting this off for too long, these are way funny. Some of these chapters could go toe-to-toe with the humor from the show, and that's saying a lot, because I love Phineas and Ferb. My personal preferences don't include Perryshmirtz friendshipping, but it is your story, not mine. Honestly, I don't officially support any shipping pairs, I'm just not a fan of romance in general. This fanfic is still funny enough and respectful enough that I can look past the nuances, romantic or otherwise, and enjoy the classic P&F humor that you are really good at recreating. And by the way, how do you imagine Perry's voice to sound? Because after this chapter, I'm always going to imagine him sounding like Steve Irwin. 'Crikey!' (Up till this point I imagined more of a Bug's Bunny voice, probably because I associated Perry's speaking style with the 'What's up, Doc?')
11/3/2013 c18 12Princess Unikitty
cute end to the story.
10/31/2013 c17 Princess Unikitty
cool start to this two-parter.
10/24/2013 c16 Princess Unikitty
oh my god the concept of the grand pumpkin is hilarious

then again i've found pretty much all of doof's "back in gimmelshtump" flashbacks to be hilarious so
10/17/2013 c9 anoymous
I have an you make an episode with Barry White babysitting Phineas and Ferb and include his famous song,"Your'e The First,My Last,My Everthing?"
10/6/2013 c1 8GalileoBroTmnt
Cool I like this story.
10/4/2013 c15 12Princess Unikitty
interesting. i've never heard of that GF episode. perhaps i'm too out of the loop.
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