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2/22/2023 c45 Palacegirl
Love this story. I hope you continue it. I just hope Ruby will stay with the ducks. The ducks will have to put their differences aside and let Ruby be on the team. They’re gonna have to work together in order to stop the lizards, and come back to puck world. I would like to see some romance going on between Wildwing and Ruby; then of course there’s Canard and Emily. By the way I find little Gipsy so cute I hope I get to read more of her and what mischief she’ll be in with the ducks. Please update new chapter soon :) !
2/13/2023 c45 42FishyFloat
AAAAAHHH! THERE'S AN UPDATE! I'm about to drop dead from joy. I read the updated chapter before going back and reading everything else because I was just so excited to see a new chapter. Sleep? Who needs sleep. TIME TO REREAD EVERYTHING AND BE A ZOMBIE AT WORK TOMORROW!

I really hope life is treating you well and am thrilled to see this update. THANK YOU!
1/29/2017 c44 3TheLazyBlackCat
I reread this again. Please come back and finish this story! I NEED TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS!
9/26/2015 c1 facebook4
Fan, uhm... would you please take your comment down. Cause I'm going to get blamed for it otherwise. _
9/26/2015 c44 Fancatical
I finally came to read your story. I heard about it while lurking in Emily L'Orange's channel and the way her and her girlfriends were always making fun of it I expected it to be awful. But I just wanted to say that I thought it was really really REALLY good and that you should never stop writing because of a group of haters, especially when you have many, many more fans. :o)
9/4/2015 c44 11Regin Ash
Awesome as always.
I've always like Canard. Can't tell you why since his screen time had to add up to barely 15min but still...

Hope there's more to come from his end :)

(From everyone's end)
6/5/2015 c1 Tetra
Please update eye for an eye, please please please please
6/2/2015 c41 loha
still awesome.
11/23/2014 c38 loha
Still awesome
11/22/2014 c38 42FishyFloat
First off, so sorry for not leaving you more reviews! NaNoWriMo has been kicking my cute little hiney something awful. But, you are a bright spot in the darkness that is muddling through my own story! Every time I get a notification that you've updated, I tell myself I can't read it until I've done word count for the day. You're giving me a wonderful amount of motivation :D

These past several chapters are so much fun to read! I'll admit it, I go back and reread them several times, especially when I need a good dose of inspiration. I love how naturally you take the story from crisis to solution to resolution to building the next crisis.

Also, this line left me laughing and giggling for a good five minutes. Good job. ["Gipsy!" Ruby gasped. "Danger!"]

Keep up the good work! I'm dieing to find out Raleigh's reaction to their base as well as see how Ruby and the Mighty Ducks work together against their common enemy.
10/17/2014 c34 loha
Still awesome
10/16/2014 c34 3TheLazyBlackCat
I'm beginning to think that Duke is starting to like her a lot more for her "creativity". This is still a wonderful read even all these chapters later. I look forward to the next chapter update _
9/11/2014 c31 42FishyFloat
Dang, those Saurians are creepy. I know I’ve said this before, but it bares repeating: I am absolutely green with jealousy over your ability to accurately write the Saurians. Dragaunus is terrifying, Wraith is creepy and calculating, and Chameleon is weirdly unhinged. I really like these glimpses of what they’re planning.
You’re so mean to Wildwing. I love it! Your description of how uncomfortable it is to be carried around by a dragon like some toy made /me/ ache. Little details like his sinus’ getting stuffed up or loosing tail feathers make this scene really come alive.
This whole chapter was full of such endearing little moments, from Wildwing continuing to bicker with the dragon to Duke commenting about the hideousness of Wildwing’s shirt being a poor gift. You’re doing a great job wrapping up the previous situation and setting up the next one.

More! More!
9/2/2014 c30 FishyFloat
Oooh… You have me on the edge of my seat. That first scene was brilliantly done. Good job on showing us how Wildwing is following his own moral compass over his perceived responsibilities and not even realizing it. Another thing I like about that scene is that the Forest Lord didn’t escape the battle unscathed. He may be immortal and an elemental, but he can be hurt.

You are oh so very evil. For a full half of the chapter, you’re promising help; but, we’re left sitting here, watching Ruby deteriorate and the rest of the team arguing over unicorns! Gah! I’m screaming for her to be saved already and enjoying the slow torture of waiting. Well done.

Also, I like how you utilize Nosedive’s humor from the show with breaking the fourth wall. It flows very naturally with the scene and gives us all a much needed laugh.

Wildwing having to get Ruby’s attention is probably my favorite scene in the chapter. I can just see him sitting there, yelling ‘yoo-hoo!’ to somebody surrounded by flames. Hah! He’s such a lovable lug at times.

[Quite frankly, it looked like she had been up half the night with a lover.] Whoo, baby! I think I know who wishes he’d been the one up all night with her.

You had a beautiful set up with Ruby slowly getting sick, an extremely tense battle scene, and you gave us a beautiful pay off with rescuing her. But, we’re still left with a lot of questions and wondering what’s going to happen next. Wraith still has a feather, so he’s got one more shot at taking her out. Eep! I’m curious and worried about what he’ll come up with next.
9/2/2014 c29 FishyFloat
Poor Ruby. There’s absolutely nothing worse than being sick and having to clean it up yourself. Just the smell is vomit-inducing! It’s a shame those brownies ran off. You do a great job showing how sick she is. The only suggestion I would offer for improvement is to use a more active voice (sweat soaked her feathers) instead of passive (her feathers became wet with sweat). Other than that, good scene :)

I’m so glad you gave us a little insight to the Forest Lord’s thoughts and motivations. It gives us a deeper fear for what’s happening to Ruby. Plus, it’s always fun to get inside the head of an immortal!
I am well and truly jealous of your ability to write tense, exciting action scenes. The whole battle had me on the edge of my seat and I could clearly see everything happening in my mind’s eye. It’s extremely difficult to keep the right pacing for this kind of scene, and you excel at it.

Dragon to the rescue! I love that guy. He just keeps getting bigger and scarier. Does he ever get an actual name?

Ooh… Does the magic protect Wildwing now? Yet another mystery for me to ponder!

Evil? YES! You are extremely evil! But that’s what keeps your readers coming back for more.
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