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for The Night I Found Your Father

10/27 c3 Cbird28
Wow, this story was beyond fantastic! I agree that Luke fit so seamlessly into that episode, and I absolutely love how the story is told by way of Lorelai telling the story to her baby. So amazing!
1/5/2020 c3 14Dimac99
This is very sweet. I love Lorelai's confidences in Luke about her labour in particular, telling him things she would never even tell Rory. 99 Red Balloons bringing on phantom contractions was a nice touch and of course Christopher was clueless as ever.
11/1/2019 c3 202Daisyangel
Oh my gosh all the feels!
5/24/2019 c3 grace1600
really lovely, i always like your versions so much more!
5/1/2019 c3 Guest
This is probably one of the cutest fics I've read. "Dear Richard and Emily" is one of my favourite episodes and I thought it was perfect. At least until I read this rewrite. I agree completely, Luke fits in there so perfectly it seems he should've been there all along. I will never watch the episode the same way again. Thank you for this rewrite, it's a masterpiece and truly perfect.
9/29/2018 c3 julia23602829
Aww one of the cutest stories ever, so much love!
11/23/2017 c1 9Katie500
This was perfect! Thank you for another wonderfully written story.
11/15/2017 c3 rachel625
Aww this was such a cute story! Thanks for sharing!
10/24/2017 c3 2JavaJunkieGermany
Ohhhh how lovely!
I was thrilled to see how you would wrap that up all in one little perfect story. But as always do did it perfectly fine :)
That was so sweet, exactly what I needed right now :**
Thank you :)
4/8/2017 c3 kpop38
What a great story! One of the coolest I've read. Thanks for sharing your talents!
9/1/2016 c3 16SadieGrace
I love this. I love this whole thing. It's so Luke-grumpy rants and all- and I love this picture of them coming to their senses so much earlier by having Luke there to make her see Chris for what he really is by contrast.
4/15/2016 c3 LorelaiLovesLuke
Wow amazing story going in my favorites. I would love to have scene this on Gilmore Girls. I also love the idea of Luke & Lorelai married with a baby.
4/4/2016 c3 3KnightInShiningFlannel
Wow, what a twist! Amazingly done! I enjoyed every bit. I love how sentimental Luke was and how he always puts aside his hate for consoling crying people for Lorelai. Loved it
1/4/2016 c3 Guest
so cute!
10/24/2015 c3 41Spiletta42
I completely adore this story.
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