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for The Ice Princess and the Fairy Queen

9/3/2013 c1 8potentialauthor18
Not bad. I guess this is an OC deck. Seems pretty mean. I guess I'll ask for more information. Been looking for a story to send my newest OC to.
7/30/2013 c1 Hand of Destiny
Wow, forgot his name :P It's Eric Sunter
7/30/2013 c1 Hands of Destiny
Hey can I have an O.C please? He's a Ra Yellow (my favorite dorm btw) he uses a mix of Spellcaster and Mechanical monstors which focus is to quickly tribute weaker monstors to summon way stronger ones, I call it my Trinbute Takedown deck (this is my real deck and I'm sure I the only one who uses this combo. His hair is blond with a brown stripe
7/10/2013 c1 1Emerarudo Misheru
Loving it :D
7/9/2013 c1 1Shimmer Stream
Heyo! Looking forward to the reboot!
7/4/2013 c1 obeymyeffingrod
Aaaand you're back! I'm glad you've put this story on fanfiction again, I'm looking forward to the new chapters, and my song is still at the beginning of the chapter XD I'm happy you used it!

The chapter is different from your first one, there are new characters as Sara and Rose. Go you two! Also for the OC's, I can send either a girl or a boy, you decide. My writing style and characters really changed since I sent you Robin and Xaiver :)

Update quickly!
7/3/2013 c1 2yamato2706
The story is very interesting.I would like to submit an OC. Can you show me where is your forum so I can submit one.
7/2/2013 c1 22K5Rakitan
This looks good so far.

Oh! Pick me! Pick me! *jumps up and down*
7/2/2013 c1 ilovevocaloid93
I will wait for chapter 2.
7/2/2013 c1 61D.J. Scales
Nice chapter. I love how this went. Great job. Just keep going. And thanks for making me your writing Partner.

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