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1/19 c4 wronglydreamer
Oh! I loved it! And there were lots of fun moments... I really loved the interactions between Sirius amd James, thanks for sharing the story!
10/14/2020 c1 joycezhanng
noooo james says the last thing they want is having harry shipped off to vernon and petunia :(( HE WAS SO ROBBED. ITS SO FREAKING DEPRESSING OMG
4/24/2020 c4 DeannaDancer
Yay I love this! The characterization is perfect
1/8/2020 c4 irusita
awesome story! love it ! thank you!
8/19/2019 c1 Guest
Why isn't Remus becoming an auror!? Jobs are harder with the werewolf thing but training? You can get away with that! And he has always seemed more like auror material than the other marauders. James is more suited to professional quidditch and I'm not quite sure about Sirius but it certainly isn't auror, maybe something to do with jokes or muggle related/campaign type? Lily has always seemed like a humanitarian fight for rights sort of person or a healer. Peter... Well I'm very biased with him so I like to live with an idea that he would never have amounted to anything:) ( as you can tell I hate peter) but anyway your story was funny and for me that is still good! Keep on writing.
3/28/2018 c4 158Drag0nst0rm
I loved watching James and Sirius interact in this story. I wasn't expecting Kingsley, but he was a great addition!
9/15/2017 c4 moonchild2593
I love this so much
10/6/2016 c4 3Lolla R
I really liked your idea for this fic. Actually I wanted it to be longer. It was fun to read and the characters are well written.
12/10/2015 c4 11Balthanon
Interesting story and I liked your take on Sirius and James. I wouldn't mind seeing an epilogue with the entire group getting together at Mooney's to discuss the test, but this was a good place to end it and keeps it pretty self-contained.
10/21/2014 c1 SomeGuyFawkes
Not bad; read marker.
8/2/2014 c1 Potterbert
Rereading this brings back memories...
7/19/2014 c1 1Intensity215
Hi :)

I'm not sure if I reveiwed this story previously, but I just found it in my bookmarks and decide to read it again and I'm glad I did! This really it a great story and I love the idea :)

I was just wondering if a sequel was possible with the new information given to us in JK Rowling's new story on pottermore; where it would be Harry and Ron taking their Auror test. I just thought it would be a cool idea if you wanted to consider giving it a try :) if you could let me know that would be awesome! Thanks for writing such an amazing story!
6/9/2014 c4 The Other World
OMG, amazing story 3 i'm in love with your characterization of james, sirius and lily. You portray them and their feelings amazingly. James really is a sap :P (I'm the color of Lily's eyes, hahahha). I love how they constantly remind each other of marauders, being together, etc. but they are supposed to be mistrusting moony, you know - and they seem too trusting.
i have no idea how everyone believed sirius betrayed james after seeing their interaction. they're as close as brothers! honestly.
I wonder how Kingsley felt around thirteen years later when he was assigned to finding Sirius Black, the mass murderer. Did he think about this day and Sirius' ingenuity and loyalty? I'd like to think he did. Maybe that's why he joined the Order. Maybe.
4/27/2014 c4 Fukanou
Super entertaining and hilarious! I loved it how they got points taken for pranking lol. Elevendork, really? Btw I think your line breaks died?
1/30/2014 c4 Intensity215
Very entertaining story :) I loved the pranking (and the fact that they got points off) and you really nailed the characters! It was a little like a wizarding version of the hunger games and that was really awesome! You should write a story about their time in the order and as aurors. If it's anything like this it will be fantastic :) keep writing!
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