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10/31/2016 c6 AngelofHopeandLight
it's 2016 and here i am asking for an updatedark and krad as kids is melting my heart with all the cuteness <3~
4/19/2016 c6 Oka
poor Krad & Dark...they are so cute

plz update soon
4/3/2014 c6 39Ai Star
Poor Krad!
3/12/2014 c1 5jaune x emerald
any progress with my request? ? ? ?
3/6/2014 c6 4keep on trying never give up
AAWW! Poor Kraddie. Please tell me your at least thinking of updating. It's really good.
1/29/2014 c6 Durbe the Barian
GAH! I can't believe I didn't notice the update. Man!
Okay. Sweet update. Now I need to see more. And put this on my faves. Thanks. :)
1/26/2014 c5 49Gamma Cavy
are Dark and Krad going to be growing up at a human rate or in bursts?
how are they free, is it sinister or just a flaw in the seal?
1/26/2014 c4 Gamma Cavy
the Takashi veiwpoint was good, I foresee much snooping from him in the future. ther ae afew bits where you left out words, such as 'Riku's made a little O shape'.
The traps not set: 50 cents, Towa's greeting 2 dollars, Krad begging Satoshi to save him from Dark's attempts to braid his hair, Priceless
1/26/2014 c3 Gamma Cavy
the view points are all good, although it can be a bit startling to jump between them sometimes you seem to have done a god job avoiding that. Dark and Krad having all their memories and personality but filtered through the capacity of a child's mind is something I've never seen before, nice and original. I had wondered in chapter one if Dark and Krad still had their powers but the wings in this one cleared that up nicely, maybe they have access to some of their power but not all of it in these forms.
12/15/2013 c4 Guest
Best story ever its soooo funny! I love that Dark and Krad are 6 year olds! And braiding hair oh its hilarious! Continue writing your doing GREAT!
11/16/2013 c4 Guest
I just wanted to correct something:

'Master Satoshi, save me' djapanese should be 'Satoshi-sama tasuke te'. The japanese phrase you used roughly translated as 'Master Satoshi, big mountain me' or something like that being daisuke means big mountain. . .
11/11/2013 c4 Durbe the Barian
You might want to read over this, 'cause I think you left out a word here or there.
Sorry, before I begin, who's Kimiko? I don't remember her.
[Now I shall begin the review]
Poor Krad! Getting stuck with braided hair! That image is going to stay with me for a while. Excellent move!
And you're not the only one who uses Japanese. I do it in some of my fics too. Though it's kinda limited.
10/31/2013 c3 Clueless person
This is really really interesting, so good job writing it and please continue!
10/28/2013 c3 3Orchestra Of Order
Don't feel bad, I myself have several flaws in my writing as well. xD Seriously, I got turned down from joining a group of great writers in Team Dragon Star because of my lack of emotional depth, POV shifts causing confusion, and my information dumping. I thought it was good personally. Bravo.
10/28/2013 c2 Orchestra Of Order
Hm. Really, I dislike the idea of not being able to write my fan fiction. If what you are saying is true, then I will support you, however, I will research this before I jump into action. Thank you, and you did shock me somewhat with this, but nevertheless thank you for the information.
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