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for Tsunade's Son

7/8/2013 c2 NeoLife
Lol I feel bad for the Sandaime

I hope you update soon
7/8/2013 c2 10ultima-owner
Tora wins again
7/8/2013 c2 8The Keeper of Worlds
LOL, I pity anyone against that hellcat!
7/5/2013 c1 Guest
so is she going to find out just who he is because she should know
7/4/2013 c1 1Starry.Dreamer.kitten
Interesting to see Tsunade take him in
7/3/2013 c1 20SSJ3 Kyuubi Gohan
Not bad... a bit short though :/
7/3/2013 c1 Index Uchiha
update please
7/3/2013 c1 3Reishin Amara
Naruto with Super Strength,Excellent Chakra Control, Ect...sounds fun...HEH...BEWARE UCHIHA! YOUR END IS NIGH! BWAHAHAHA!
7/3/2013 c1 31janzen222
I'm going to give u a major warning here considering this seems to have a good plot and stuff. DO NOT USE OCS THEY ARE FROWNED UPON AND USUALLY SCREW UP WHAT COULDVE BEEN AMAZING STORIES! If u use an oc do not make them a main character! I'm not trying to be mean but id hate to see another good story ruined by them. If this turns out to be a good story ull receive quite a bit of reviews from me
7/3/2013 c1 10ultima-owner
great start
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