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7/21/2023 c81 Guest
Just found this story last week. Don't know if I'm happy, sad or mad. lol. Conflicted for certain. Happy because this is such a great story plot. Definitely up there with the best story arcs I've read. Sad because it appears to have been 5 years since an update. Seems the author has lost interest or given up on the story. Mad because everyone apparently loves this story and it doesn't seem like the fans of this story will find out what happened and get closure. Based on where the story left off, there is a lot more to come. It is my hope that the author takes an interest in this story again and will eventually complete it.
3/31/2023 c2 webdepp
Whome do I have to coerce at gunpoint for a continuation?
Awesome story.
I know it won't happen.
But I need you to finish this, coyotepup

DO IT! hmmhmm...DO IT!
10/14/2022 c80 Karhuemo66
no no
10/14/2022 c80 Karhuemo66
næ LP LP LP LP Oy on se
9/5/2022 c81 tickle sal
Going to post next chapter?
5/30/2022 c1 Nixweis
Still here
10/4/2021 c1 tickle sal
Please continue this story. It needs to be finished and you need to be the one to do it. Thank you so much
8/1/2021 c81 Guest
After many attempts I've finally found time to read this story and I think it's great. It's different, interesting, captivating. I really hope you will continue:)
5/4/2021 c8 VIOLET1213
I really hope you come back and finish this story. I am re-reading this again, because it is a great story line. You mention in your new story that you would finish this. I hope you do. Thanks again for writing.
3/8/2021 c81 Bookwormw
3/4/2021 c81 Bookwormw
I know this is old but please please please finish this!
2/10/2021 c81 2DragonEmperor01
I am quite the avid reader and i can honestly say that this is one of the best castle fanfiction i have read to date.
1/23/2020 c81 mijema
This story sat on my reading list for a couple of years but I kept putting off reading it because it was unfinished. I finally decided to read it, and have really enjoyed the journey. It is different than anything else out there, which is really refreshing. Despite the occasional typo, the writing is well done. I hope you decide to finish this story, it deserves an ending!
9/22/2019 c81 Jbug47
We need to know what happens to Kate and Rick and Alexis! Please!
9/21/2019 c76 Jbug47
Yes you should definitely continue this story! It is fantastic!
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