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8/8/2013 c2 Keiron20
nice idea hope some1 continues it 3
7/4/2013 c1 JKStorm501
OMGGGGGGGGGGG. I loved this. I ABSOLUTELY loved this. This is probably the best I have seen! Please make another chapter soon! I can't wait!
7/4/2013 c1 138Toaneo07 Ver2.0
mmmm whoa
7/4/2013 c1 Slytherin66
This was excellent with many great points.

The Order might have been formidable in its day and people like Molly's brothers were but now they are old, jaded, afriad and lacking in resolve and people like Molly can't do much she is no Aruror or spy and the idea she of all people could kill Bellatrix is silly. I think Tonks would feel like she is a child in a grown up conversation.

I liked what you said about the Order they want to fight Riddle but not risk themselves so Harry does all the hard work I think even Dumbledore is like that he knows Riddle has to be dealt with but can't or won't kill him so uses the prophecy as away for him to avoid responsbility and getting blood on his hands. Albus might just be old but I think he has feet of clay he could have had the Inner circle at Azkaban kissed or killed so they would not be a threat, he could have been Minister of Magic to stop Fudge getting the job or he could have ensured Harry would be well educated in DADA. Or even just give Harry the Elder wand. All these things would weaken Riddle's support network and making killing him easier yet Albus did nothing but maintain his own power.

Thanks for what you did with Sirius he would be angry he was betrayed by his friends, surrogate family and leader, cause too. A very good point Albus saved Snape yet not Sirius. I think Albus needed Sirius out of the way so Harry had to go to the Dursley's there he is damaged, easy to manipulate and desperate to save magical UK. All of the Headmaster's plans would have been in ruin had Harry left the country with Sirius or refused to fight Riddle. Which would be wise as I think Harry would be in grave danger from the Ministry, the Goblins and international law after he kills Riddle as he is no longer needed, knows too much and his reputation has been too badly damaged since second year to recover. People would want to ignore Harry forget their mistakes, and carry on with life and that is easier with Harry in Azkaban or dead by Goblin hands to prevent a goblin war.

A valid point about Snape I don't think he loved Lily he just wanted her driven by lust thinking its love. Snapes value as a spy is clear when he allowes an Order member to die and not report someone is brewing lots of polyjuice in 4th year the buying in bulk of so many ingredients would be notices especially in a small society like magial UK.

I wonder what Sirius said to Remus and the other friends of the Potter's they did not visit or help Harry growing up and did not even write to him when he started Hogwarts.

I like the loyalty of Tonks I think the Order's big plans were to use Harry, draw out Riddle then just leave Harry to it. I liked mention of Moody as he is interesting he would have serious anger issues directed at the Death Eater's and Albus for not figuring out the fake moody sooner. I think Moody would want revenge and want to be more active in the war even if it meant killing Death Eater's on the sly or helping Harry.

I do like Harry/Tonks but an angry Sirius has potential. I look forward to what you post next.

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