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for Online Mafia War: Vongola Days

7/12/2013 c5 Red.431Hottie
Hello it's Thursday and u Neva update yet I get really impatient ok so update
7/9/2013 c5 Flosche
Awww, thank you! That's so sweet!

p.s I know I'm suck so much at reviewing, and English.
7/9/2013 c5 4LuckyKittens
Hahaha! Serves you right Byakuran!
7/9/2013 c5 62Glassed Loner
Ah, if you update this tomorrow, this would be the awesomest thing ever. Since the fasting here starts tomorrow, but still like this. XD

I hope you happy Ramadhan and happy fasting there. (If you're a muslim, that is.) :D

Have a nice day.
Sign, G L.
7/8/2013 c4 Flosche
OMG, another chapter! WEEE!*glomp*

I can't stop laughing and squealing from chapter 3 to 4 XD

Now I'm litterally jumping for chapter 5! You made my day, sir! or Ma'am!
7/8/2013 c4 4LuckyKittens
Wow... Tsuna and co. sure got a lot of trouble aren't they? I think its Bya-chan's fault too... How come Bya-chan didn't get punished?
7/7/2013 c3 LuckyKittens
Hahaha! Please update soon! this is freaking hillarious! Hahahaha!
7/7/2013 c3 138Toaneo07 Ver2.0
mmmmm very funny ,really
7/6/2013 c3 42SkylarkOfTheMoon
NO! Stop wasting such delicious cakes and cookies guys! The least you could do is throw it at me! Or my mouth if you have a good aim!
Gomen, I haven't had dinner yet so reading about food is kind making me hungry.
Poor Byakuran, Dino, Tsuna and Xanxus. But seeing them tortured is pretty entertaining. *smiles evilly*
Update soon!
7/5/2013 c2 SkylarkOfTheMoon
Hieeeeeeee! You're back! *glomps computer screen* I'm so happy!
Go 1896! Go! I can't review properly now but I promise to review your next chapter. Update soon!
7/5/2013 c1 Flosche
Y-You...YOU ARE ALIVE! *glomp*

So...urm, yeah. Miss ya.

I feel awkward
Anyway, YAY for Arcoba-I mean, Moderators! Luv them so much! and I don't know Gokkun interests at that kind of stuff. Hehe. Speaking, About games Do you know ? Yup, the game name is Transformice. It's a really light(well, if you're not so serious about it) and fun game. You could play as a guest! And if you want make an account all you need is a username and password and you're done! No need to use e-mail or profile! It's not that I'm promoting it or what. I think it would be a good Idea if you try, for the story sake too, maybe you got some inspiration by playing ;)

Have a nice day!

p.s read the guide, I'm extremely recommend it.
7/5/2013 c1 62Glassed Loner
...why must it be that funny. xD
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