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for Battle Revolution: Shadow's Resurrection - Book 01: Kanto

1/12/2015 c1 ravage666
this may be a prologue, but it is a damn good one. do this story the effort will pay off, especially since there aren't too many pokemon Colosseum fanfics
7/7/2013 c1 4Paoace12
As the chapter proclaims, "The adventure begins!" I've always been a big fan of the Colosseum series and Pokémon in general, shocking right?

The beginning was awesome, made me remind myself of the announcer in the anime. Questions for me would have to be the man in blue, the Shadow XD renewal project which I hope it's what I think it'd be, and of course the Chatot trainer that might have his own hidden agenda. At least I assume he does.

Generation VI has the newly added Fairy type, so hope to see some appear in the story.

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