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4/21 c37 hictooth-com
I don't think I can quite express how amazed and excited I was when I saw the email alert for an update to this story! The only reason it's taken me this long to read the update and write a review is because I decided I wanted to re-read from the start, because although I could vividly remember certain scenes (such as Evelyn first finding Hiccup and Toothless), I wanted to remember it all before I read the newest chapter. And I'm really glad I did because it holds up so well - I really really love it.

Some highlights for me are the "Nice catch Haddock" scene (and I love the drawing of that too - that was what lead me to this story all those years ago), and the scene where Stoick punches Toothless always makes me laugh! And then any scene with Evelyn in it is always fantastic, she's a great character. The mix of upper class and badass is amazing.

This latest chapter was great too - a lot happened which is good because I was dying to know what had become of Green Death and what his next move would be. I like that we're getting to know more about both the Hunters, and Evelyn's secret group - I'm looking forward to seeing what they'll be like and how the gang will get to be involved in that. And I'm interested to know what a "Cleaner" is - I'm assuming that by "Toothless wouldn't take kindly" they're not going to be the most merciful or kind people?

One thing from this chapter I'm curious about is Hiccups "leather coat". It was mentioned so I'm thinking it could be important, but then never discussed again so maybe it'll be used next chapter?

Can't wait for the next chapter! In response to "If there is anybody still here" - I'm definitely still here! And I'll be here for the next chapter, no matter how long that is. Thanks for continuing such a great story!
4/10 c37 violets fire
ahhh an update! i cant tell you how excited i was. like it was crazy. this fic haunts my mind and i endlessly await each update like im trying to gather evidence to prove ghosts are real. did that make sense? whatever, im excited.

ok ok so this update was wild. the green death has achieved horror monster- ness. like eating rats and leaving dagur's basement a horror filled mess is just gross and creepy but then he blows it up and leaves. like what!

not even getting into that dagur decided to hide him in the first place. like dude not a great plan. how are you explaining the destruction of your house to your folks. wild.

evelyn threatening to kill him and saying you shouldve let him blow up to toothless. chilling. i forgot how coldly professional she is paired with nothing can happen to dean/ toothless which like fair. i respect it things be gettin real evelyn.

on a lighter note the fact that the twins family long gave up on movie nights amuses me to no end. and toothless suggesting spin the bottle and then being teased for not needing an excuse to make out with hiccup is just golden.

i like the tie ins to past chapters like them teasing toothless about being a bell boy or mentioning fishlegs girlfriend by being lile forgot she was a mathlete. i mean same i also forgot. guess i just got to re-read the whole thing again!

back to the action though, evelyn is going to call in... aww man i forgot their tiltle. the cleaners?...the co...? im not sure, she's calling in the big guns things are gonna go down and i cant wait to see it.

whenever that happens.
4/8 c37 9TAPSfan201
Hi! I’m glad to see an update from you and that you’re doing ok. I’m hope your country balances out soon enough, though I know that’s a very hopeful stance.
4/3 c37 3animelovernewbie
OHHHH SNAP! The Green Death is back and worse than ever! When I read the start of the chapter I thought is was going to be a bit of a lighter one. One with Toothcup snuggles, but I got some awesome action instead!
Your writing is incredible as per usual. Can't wait to read the next chapter once it's ready. Stay safe. :)
4/3 c37 Nicborg01
I’m so happy you updated this is like my favorite story ever so thank you so much. Hope you’re okay stay safe!
I forgot how weird this au was.
4/2 c37 20Master of the AUs
Glad to have you back! Good chapter too. You doing fine?
3/28 c6 Lucileec
Wow! Just- wow! I was perusing fanfics and came across this one. Didn’t have a real summary but I was intrigued by the title and the number of reviews. I don’t usually go for an AU story but there are 1 or 2 I have liked in the past and decided to give it a shot.

I am so glad I did! This is very well written, the chapters always seem to have good development and it has a good flow to it so far. I’m glad there’s a lot of content here and I’m hoping the last chapter doesn’t end in a cliffhanger since it’s been so long with the last update being years ago.

To me this reads a bit like watching a television series (at least it does so far) and I love it!
7/21/2020 c36 Mousettezz
First of all I want to give you a hug. I started reading this fic when I was in my last year of secundaria and now I'm practically a year away from graduating college. I know it's been a long time since you uploaded but I hope you see this. Thank you. Thank you so much for writing this fic. The love and passion you put into it shows with every word and character. I reread it all in like 10 hours and I felt how the years went by again. Reading fanfiction truly cures the soul. Despite how silly it may sound. And yours is one that right now is helping me cope with the Quarantine and other stuff... Thank you, I hope you will continue some day, but, if this were to be the end... It's pretty good. It's happy. And I think that's what the chapter should be named. Happiness.
Espero que el día de hoy estés bien y feliz. Espero que la vida haya sido más amable contigo. Te deseo lo mejor en esta vida. Muchas gracias 3
12/21/2019 c36 1you shall not know my name
I so want to read about them joining and training with 'the league'!
cant wait for the next update
12/20/2019 c23 you shall not know my name
I love how you put cressida cowell in the story
(i feel so stupid for not realising earlier)
12/19/2019 c15 you shall not know my name
I so thought evelyn was hiccups mom...
12/19/2019 c6 you shall not know my name
I love this story!
normally I don't like toothcup, because most seem to do it wrong and then it just feels weird...
But you do it just right
now I really want to see them coming out of the closet
8/10/2019 c36 CloudBubble
6/4/2019 c36 KiaStingerGTS
Michael Rosen: *click* Nice c:
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