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7/21 c36 Mousettezz
First of all I want to give you a hug. I started reading this fic when I was in my last year of secundaria and now I'm practically a year away from graduating college. I know it's been a long time since you uploaded but I hope you see this. Thank you. Thank you so much for writing this fic. The love and passion you put into it shows with every word and character. I reread it all in like 10 hours and I felt how the years went by again. Reading fanfiction truly cures the soul. Despite how silly it may sound. And yours is one that right now is helping me cope with the Quarantine and other stuff... Thank you, I hope you will continue some day, but, if this were to be the end... It's pretty good. It's happy. And I think that's what the chapter should be named. Happiness.
Espero que el día de hoy estés bien y feliz. Espero que la vida haya sido más amable contigo. Te deseo lo mejor en esta vida. Muchas gracias 3
12/21/2019 c36 1you shall not know my name
I so want to read about them joining and training with 'the league'!
cant wait for the next update
12/20/2019 c23 you shall not know my name
I love how you put cressida cowell in the story
(i feel so stupid for not realising earlier)
12/19/2019 c15 you shall not know my name
I so thought evelyn was hiccups mom...
12/19/2019 c6 you shall not know my name
I love this story!
normally I don't like toothcup, because most seem to do it wrong and then it just feels weird...
But you do it just right
now I really want to see them coming out of the closet
8/10/2019 c36 CloudBubble
6/4/2019 c36 KiaStingerGTS
Michael Rosen: *click* Nice c:
3/10/2019 c1 CheshireCat272
Also the while writing style "thoughts" and -speaking- confused the hell out of me at first but not anymore. Then again I live in CA so reading in a Spanish style isn't really new to me but it's been awhile since I had to.
3/10/2019 c36 CheshireCat272
I hope your story is back for good. I just found it and I fell in love with it I'm all caught up and can't wait to read more. Please keep up with the excellent story. A smiling fan Cheshire
3/3/2019 c36 BigBabyBooDragon
I'm ready to jump right back in here. Missed you and glad you're back :)
2/26/2019 c36 4TheSilentFury
I've reread this story, like, seven times. a good name could be "Our Future" or something like that. I hope you update soon. This is one of my favorite stories.
2/20/2019 c36 transformers fan11231
I love this fanfic I can't put it down im so happy that I friend recommend I give it a read I hope u update soon I have read some by incompet fanfics this is the best one I have read thank you
2/18/2019 c36 2Hesperydes
I’m so glad you’re here again! Omg you got my message, I really doubt if was you. But I’m happy you read it. I hope you update soon, but otherwise, don’t worry, I'll wait.
This chapter is amezing, I love seeing fishlegs and Evelyn interactions. And Hiccup’s confidence in his feelings for Toothless.

My best wishes for you in this year!
2/11/2019 c36 13Yaminoru
J'adore cette histoire :) j'ai hâte de lire la suite.

Bonne continuation.
2/3/2019 c36 3animelovernewbie
Awww, Toothless and Hiccup are so cute together! I'm excited to see what happens if/when the rest of the gang joins and what's going to happen next with the Green Death situation.
I'm so glad that you updated. I don't mind waiting for chapters. All it means is that I get to reread the previous ones and start thinking about what could happen, hyping me up for when the chapters are posted.
Unfortunately, I am not good with chapter titles or titles in general so I can't think of a good one. Sorry.
Can't wait to see what happens next though! :)
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