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1/23/2020 c1 Guest
Great fic! But just so you know, Zoe died before Thalia became a huntress.
12/18/2018 c1 Guest
Just curious, what was the name that Jadon called Thalia as a kid? And, also, did Thalia actually give him the name airhead? I didn't read the books with Jason in them yet, so...
5/30/2015 c1 Guest
So cute... What's her nickname?
5/28/2015 c1 8TheGirlThereReading
I liked that. I'm glad you added the little Thaluke part. I ship them so hard.
9/20/2014 c1 Lily Hannom
Amazing! AWWWW!
10/20/2013 c1 Guest
What did he call her? #gots #to #know
10/4/2013 c1 Musings of a Pineapple
Awesome! I loved it! I love Thalia and Jason reunions :D
8/7/2013 c1 4itisfinished12062015
Now this is fun cimpared to how they reunited in the book. I love Thalia's line what what she's heard about him and then the Teedy Bear. Great job with the dialogue in this story. I 'm so glad someone else wrote about the Grace siblings.
7/13/2013 c1 36Rrit
So sweet! You should write a sequel.
7/7/2013 c1 42nikitabella
Okay, that was kind of...great actually. I love this sibling bond between Thalia and Jason. they are just...amazing. Keep up the great work! :))
7/6/2013 c1 9ThaliaDaphneJackson12
Cute. I love it.
7/6/2013 c1 2uniquedemigod
that's hilarious!
7/6/2013 c1 KittyKat348
So cute! I love this story!
7/6/2013 c1 PJOluver333
Awesome! Will you update your other stories now?!

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