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6/7/2021 c52 Guest
...u seriously hate me don't u T.T
6/7/2021 c51 Guest
T.T whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
6/7/2021 c49 Guest
6/7/2021 c48 Guest, that went right into it o.o good job though
6/7/2021 c43 Guest
6/7/2021 c40 Guest
I literally snickers here and would have laughed waay louder but my little bro is asleep so as long as he's asleep I can read more and he will be less run-around
6/7/2021 c38 Guest
O.o natsu, ur a frign fool
6/7/2021 c36 Guest
Hehehe gajeel gajeel, u r a dool
6/7/2021 c33 Guest
Oh! Make him a story, then have him find the page per page till it gets to her, then tell him u looove him
6/7/2021 c29 Guest
Happy! Come tell natsu that Lucy cried a bunch please!
6/7/2021 c26 Guest
*pouts* why no nalu?
6/7/2021 c23 Guest
Crap it's a wyvrn or something like that, ALSO this a creature tat only comes up once in the anime but soo many fics have it that people know it
6/7/2021 c20 Guest
Fire. Lucy. Lucy not hurt by ur fire. Lucy ur mate. U an IDIOT
6/7/2021 c14 Guest
6/7/2021 c13 Guest
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