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9/7/2013 c47 Nayami-Chan
*more fangirl squeals* omfg i love you right now that chapter and his trickery to get her to agree omg so fricken happy i am looking so much forward to the next chapter!
9/7/2013 c46 Nayami-Chan
*fangirl squeal commences* i am soooo happy with the layout of the house it looks so great in my head! wish i lived in a nice house like that lucky lucy lol i cant wait to see the reaction she has to the bedroom! and im sooo looking forward to the lemons even if i do have company! XD
9/7/2013 c45 Nayami-Chan
Aw love the little gajeel/levy bit! and im so excited to read the next chapter and finally see the surprise
9/7/2013 c44 Nayami-Chan
i do gotta agree the stripper outfit was one of the bests along with the bunny outfit cuz thats just classic and the gajeel levy bits im loving!
9/7/2013 c43 Nayami-Chan
I loved the music and cosplay choices! and the end with them all dancing the chicken that was awesome!
9/7/2013 c42 Nayami-Chan
that was great! i like the clinging natsu its endearing ;D and natsus emerging perv side in highly amusing and i gotta say i never even thought that was what gajeel would do for lucy it totally makes sense and the visual is funny as fuck XD overall i love the reactions they all had in this chapter XD
9/7/2013 c41 Nayami-Chan
this was amusing i love mira and happys interaction though i keep thinking its building onto natsu's house but i could be wrong we shall see i dont mind either way :D
9/6/2013 c40 Nayami-Chan
this chapter made me happy and im glad everything is relatively straightened out now though i am curious to learn what natsu has planned i have a thought but im not sure if its right or not sadly once again it is late and i have to sleep (damn the need if only i could read in my sleep too) so ill have to wait till tomorrow night to find out what they got planned for lucy thanks!
9/6/2013 c39 Nayami-Chan
i am so happy the conversation finally happened i am also surprisingly happy that natsu explanations werent so specific and detailed since it normally not like him to do so
9/6/2013 c38 Nayami-Chan
that was going so well then that happened, i knew it wouldnt last. well hes to luck with his explanation.
9/6/2013 c37 Nayami-Chan
i cannot express how happy i am with this right now im all giggly inside lol thanks again! (i love everytime natsu and lucy cuddle to sleep at night)
9/6/2013 c36 Nayami-Chan
lmfao :D omg that was great! XD i loved the entire thing with squeezing hugs! and the levy gajeel bit at the end i fricken loved that! it ending with gajeel to lucy with lucy winning that was awesome! love love love thats all i can think at the moment i know i should sleep but ill just read a little bit more lol ;D
9/6/2013 c35 Nayami-Chan
yes! i finally get the card tournament chapter i wanted! THANKS! it was awesome and i love the choices on who's won so far and the bets! great idea there :D and i definitely agree with you on the romantic stance with natsu and i am happy to be able to read a lemon later in the store thanks for that!
9/6/2013 c34 Nayami-Chan
amusing i felt like i was on the edge of my seat when their faces were getting closer! i would normally curse happy for the interruption and i did a little but i was kinda happy for it i wasnt ready for them together yet it felt too soon ;
9/6/2013 c33 Nayami-Chan
i love the thought of lucy taking notes on the story i was hoping she would do something like that so she could understand the key points better
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