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8/11/2013 c40 13FrostPheyonix
Omg, this is the best. *u* I love love love love love your story, and I hope it never ends. (Kidding, but please have it go on for as long as humanly possible.) And yes, I can be a dork. ;D But hey, you never said on which chapters you wanted the reviews.
8/11/2013 c40 M.L. Groves Moved
Fluff! Fluff! And more Fluff! -fluffsplosion!-
That's what this chapter is: A Fluffsplosion, and I enjoyed every second of it.
Now to wait for all those questions to be answered!
8/11/2013 c40 3GoldenRoseTanya
8/11/2013 c40 Asuna Yuuika
*sends out happy thoughts and good vibes* You have done well today young (or old idk) grasshopper. I expect good things into te near future. Or not. It's happened before lol good chapter. Teehee chibi dragon underwear. Only Natsu...
8/11/2013 c40 2SrngDrgn
XD LMAO couch... *looks at the distance between the c and g keys*... hmm prolly more from overuse... :P

Anyway, yay for NaLu fluffiness! :D Teasing is fun hehe One of my more frequent social interactions... other than random silliness.

Hehe omlettes... OVA 4 ftw! I had waffles for breakfast. Belgium waffles... with strawberries and whipped cream. Yum. :D

Chapter 4 is ALMOST done! So sorry for it being late X_x I've been fighting with it all week and just finally got a break last night.
8/11/2013 c40 3LinkinParkTheKillersFan
Don't eat all the mind fish! I want some along with MY COCOA! Makes sense! Loved the lovey dovey fluffy chapter! Update soon!
8/11/2013 c40 7Marina Rose
Wow, i beat Riven as first? O.o Cooooooool! XD but I'm glad that Lucy didn't tease him very much :)
Plus i can't wait to find out what they have in store for Erza and Gajeel XP
8/11/2013 c40 36Rivendell101
Very nice. Oh no! Someone reviewed before me! My life is over! *Sobs loudly in a corner*. I'll have to try harder! Just not tomorrow!
8/11/2013 c39 M.L. Groves Moved
... I was not expecting this chapter. No seriously, I was just expecting chapter 38 and that's it. Totally surprised when I finally decided that working on my DnD game could wait and I should check to see if this updated only to see one more then what I was thinking there would be. Did I lose count, did you do a double update or did you update early? I'm so lost...

Despite that though, it was a very GOOD unexpected surprise. It fits Natsu to mean well and still find a way to screw it up and it fits Lucy just as well to misinterpret and over react... that and it was adorable how she finally pointed out to him that his fire wasn't hurting her because of THAT instead of their original theory: that silly dragon slayer.

I'm quite content with this chapter, and the last one. Yes, yes, quite content. I'll try not to confuse myself again. Heh.
8/10/2013 c39 MsEnvious
Yaaaay ! I think.. as long as they get together D; . And LOL I just couldn't control myself before. Am i finally gonna see what happens to Erza and Gajeel soon? Sorry for the late review by the way .
8/10/2013 c39 Asuna Yuuika
Fewww. Now I can put my pitchfork back. Good thing too. That thing was fuckin heavy. Haha Natsu's so stupid...
8/10/2013 c39 1Melime14
This chapter was great! Natsu is soo adorable when trying to explain things. haha :D
8/10/2013 c39 littlerena
cant wait for the next chapter.. I hope no more Lucy freak outs tho
8/10/2013 c39 1MythsMonstersMadness
Yay! So CUTE. Natsu was a little slow figuring it out wasn't he. I love how he said, he was giving her his first kiss. That was so incredibly sweet.
8/10/2013 c39 10Kattsumia
You can do a tasteful lemon. You can use mine as a base if you want. It's Choices: Sparks of the Beginning Chapter 29. Starts about a quarter of the way down and I had help cause I had the same issue as you. While it's not FT fanfic with Natsu and Lucy I sometimes do see my version of Goku a lot like Natsu.
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