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6/18/2018 c55 Aqua Rules
This is one of if not the best fic I have read so far with this pairing! Amazing from beginning to end. Made me laugh, shed tears, and go through the whole range of emotions. I can tell you put a lot of effort into this one. :D
6/17/2018 c43 Aqua Rules
This is brilliant! I love it so much ahahahahahaha. :D
5/19/2018 c6 2NaraKartera
Oh the crazy mind of a Happy.
2/2/2018 c4 Guest
Actualy it can be either Gray or Grey. In Canada they spell it with an 'e' but in America it's with an 'a'.
Anyway, I love this story so much! Keep up the good work, 'cause it pays off :D
1/15/2018 c9 8CelestialSlayer
It's Levy not Levi but again love the story so far.
1/15/2018 c8 CelestialSlayer
It's Gray, not Grey. But i love the story so far
12/26/2017 c6 7MattSaotome
I think this was spot on! Happy has always seemed very much like a chipmunk-y cat, sporadic thoughts and randomness saturate his entire being. His hopscotch thinking in this chapter was unexpected, but hit its mark with perfection! Very Happy-esque!
2/18/2017 c2 HanaFlower
Dis. Is gettin.


1/25/2017 c50 1MysticChemyst
I think perhaps the thing I like the most in these last few chapters is the care that each shows the other's most treasured possession despite the craziness of the moment and the wild emotion. It really shows the strength of their bond and it brings home that their relationship really is about so much more than just the physical aspect. Well done!
1/24/2017 c9 MysticChemyst
So for I'm enjoying this story, however it gets really confusing and difficult to read when a random part (a sentence or two) of a previous chapter winds up sandwiched in the middle of a paragraph and it makes no sense. For example: "I'm flatteredifinitelygetting around considering his choice for further help. f to. Whatever that walking forest fire had to say he deffinat and thankful you trust me so much..." That's taken directly from this chapter (9).

It becomes impossible to decipher unless it's cut to read: "I'm flattered and thankful you trust me so much..."

I probably wouldn't have said anything except for the fact that it's happened before. It's such a shame, because your story has such good flow otherwise, and you and your talent deserve better than that.
1/24/2017 c5 MysticChemyst
A couple of notes:
Frig a euphemism/alternative for the word "fuck"
Fridge short for refrigerator (even though it doesn't have a "d". darn English)

Hansom old-fashioned horse and carriage named after its creator
handsome good looking

Thanks for a good chapter!
12/16/2016 c50 varee
Interesting story. A bit of angst, some adventure, interesting Happy chapters. But..
..yes, there is a but in this..
..the lemon chapters were biggest turn-off in my life. Like, ever. Honestly, who can feel the heat while 'being assaulted by a smile on Lucy's visage'? Every time this happened I saw Lucy literally beating Natsu with a mouth-shaped hammer, ouch. I believe I skipped about half the narration and haven't lost any of the story.
That said, thanks for writing and sharing!
11/29/2016 c55 Aauberry2
I just wanted to tell you that I loved your story. I'm an avid reader and do a little writing myself. The story was very well written and easy to follow without a bunch of misspelled words. (I hate that) I loved the take on the mate marks and do believe this is the first time I have heard of, big points to you on originality.
10/17/2016 c17 2HappyTheShipper
'I'll have cancer make you bald'... probably not the best choice of wording. Imagine what the voice actor for lucy would be feeling when she had to congratulate cancer. Anyway, I love all of your fanfics and I think your a really good author.
10/9/2016 c10 9Tigerwoman188
Lucy such a jerk, wanting Erza hurt Natsu for no reason at alll
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