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8/9/2013 c37 littlerena
oh oh does two post from the same person count lol
8/9/2013 c37 Anon
Gr8 story
8/9/2013 c37 babyluv360
This story is so addicting! \(-)/
8/9/2013 c1 13FrostPheyonix
Oh, and one more thing, keep up the great story. ;D I love it so much, and can't wait for the next chapter. *Reverted to C1 cause couldn't review more than once on last.*
8/9/2013 c37 FrostPheyonix
Do review spams count? And alright. *Swallows razor.* .3. I'm unofficially Gajeel's step-sister five times removed. Cause, who needs logic?
8/9/2013 c37 1Melime14
I'm really liking this story. whenever I see it updated I get a little excited :)
8/9/2013 c37 MsEnvious
Omg I just love this fanfic! 3 Can't wait to see what lucy's gonna do to Erza and Gajeel! I'm dieing for the confession between natsu and luce . And I love the small moments for other couples like gajeel and levy
8/9/2013 c37 2SrngDrgn
I guess Happy's gotten over his nightmares now eh? Yay for childish resiliency.

Hehe, sneaky Natsu. It's amazing how he can get away with things like that.

So, today my mother decided she wanted to make chex mix and ended up burning it. There's a reason why I always make it. It never turns out right when she does it. Not enough flavor and nearly always burnt. Which is surprising considering that I'm only making it the way she used to when I was a child. So, right now I'm making my own batch and seriously considering throwing hers in the trash. It tastes aweful, but she likes burnt for some reason *rolls eyes*
8/9/2013 c37 2Pink-Fire-Dragon
I'm like hardcore obsessed with this story. It has a good mix of fluff and drama with some angst too not to mention just how hilarious it is. Your writing skills are top notch and you must be pretty devoted to be able to update everyday. As a fellow fan fic writer I know how hard it can be at times when you hit a writers block but u seem to have everything figured out well. I always get excited to read this story everyday. Love it! Cant wait to see what happens next. It seems like we're getting closer to the happy ending ive been on the edge of my seat waiting for. But who knows? Lucy might be all weird again and throw them a few steps back :P
8/9/2013 c37 1MythsMonstersMadness
Can I post 15 times and have it count?
8/9/2013 c37 8violetvolpe
Hell yeah write another! XD
8/9/2013 c37 3LinkinParkTheKillersFan
NEVA! *Hides in a fort* I want another chappie! Pwease? This was soooo fluffy! I could make a pillow out of it and sleep on it! Pwease post another chappie! Util next time! *Drinks cocoa*
8/9/2013 c37 36Rivendell101
Okay! So next chapter isn't what I'm expecting? Hmmm... The possibilities!
8/9/2013 c36 littlerena
go lucy
8/9/2013 c36 kimikopl
Hi! I've read all story so far and I absollutely love it :3 I can't wait to read next chapter really, great story 3
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