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5/29/2019 c1 Charlotte
Hey I just found your story and I really really liked it! The idea of pairing up Kelly and Lacey was great! Well written!
9/1/2018 c29 108sweetkiwi604
Absolutely loved this and thankfully a happy ending for all I was so worried Shay might have died. One of the best Kelly/OC I've read!
11/20/2016 c29 raven8989
Just found this story and it was so beautiful! An absolute pleasure to read thank you so much for writing it! Stories like these also make me wonder what it wouldve all been like in the show if Andy never died, there's such a rich back story to him/Casey/Kelly that we'll never fully see
11/29/2015 c23 min kone
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10/18/2015 c29 1Romantic Journalist
Too bad this isn't what happened :( I'm just about to start Season 2, but I got ahead of myself with spoilers. I'm so sad for everyone! And I'm really glad you wrote something HEA for these characters. Thanks!
10/18/2015 c26 Romantic Journalist
I love this story. Best friend/sibling plots are always fun and Kelly deserves some true love. Thank you! I like that you focused on the relationships. Great read this far! Can't wait to get to the end!
10/18/2015 c2 Romantic Journalist
How are you going to deal all those other girls that were introduced in Season 1?
5/5/2015 c29 Guest
I meant to say: about to check out your other Chicago Fire storys
5/5/2015 c29 Guest
Loved the entire story. About to check out the your other Chicago Fure
1/27/2015 c29 3chicagofirefan609
I don't like the fact that u put Erin and Shay together! JUST NO!
1/27/2015 c25 chicagofirefan609
I liked the chapter! Glad there was no Erin/Shay! I don't think they should be together once again!
1/27/2015 c24 chicagofirefan609
I do NOT like the idea of Shay and Erin together! NO! NO WAY! Erin's NOT gay! So don't make her be! That's just STUPID!
12/27/2014 c29 20Conejo-sama
I'm so glad it ended on that happy note! I've loved it all up to this point, my least favorite part of any story: its end :'( But like I said, I loved it and I think you did an awesome job!

;3 C-sama
12/27/2014 c29 9Love.Fiction.2020
Loved it! No sequel to this story?
12/26/2014 c29 1michelleandjoe1234
Awww so sad to see it end but I'm glad it ended like that! I will always love this story and I'll still read it over sometimes! You did a great job on this story!
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