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for Unwanted Desire

4/27/2016 c8 Shin-chan
I know right! Masato's voice is AMAZING!
11/29/2015 c10 bluesnowflakes21
damn really nice i enjoyed it so much i could literally feel all tgeir emotions in me..nice one...good job...
12/21/2013 c10 Kotori Yui
FINALLY i was able to read this TT . TT ! I loved it so much Doki-chan, it was so sweet and cute and romantic *O* i love this fic so much :,) i also loved natsusyo and tokioto hehe kawaii, but renmasa were my fav x3
Anyway, great fic : D
12/17/2013 c10 Fujoshi1994
Lovely fic! Very cute -v- Though I hoped for more renmasa in the last chapter hihi
12/3/2013 c9 51Kotori Yui
*Q* Doki-chan I loved this chap ! I love you for writing this!
xD no dear, it was easier to write because it's only hard at the first time xDD Believe me I know how you feel, it happened me the same x)
Anyway I loved this and I love your fic, I'm sad it's coming to an end TT but oh well go on and gimme more smut 8D

11/23/2013 c8 Fujoshi1994
Very sweet fic!

Please update soon 3
11/22/2013 c8 Kotori Yui
It really took you toooooooooo long to update Dokichan! I had to read chap 7 again (I didn't mind at all though xD) and how do you dare to leave the story like this? Do you want me to die due to anxiety? I will kill you if I die x''D omg I'm an idiot hahaha!
Please update soon this time okay? I really want to know if Ren and Masa will end up having a sweet Valentine Day *O* (and hawt of course *w*) haha please don't kill Yuichan or she will not be able to update her fics for you *muahahahahaha* xD
I'm loving your fic!
10/21/2013 c7 Gallant Halliviere
Oh, this story is amazing! The drama! The suspence! The loooove! I can't wait for next chapter!
10/3/2013 c7 Kotori Yui
GRR Doki-chan, you're just killing us with this short chaps TT3TT.
Poor Masa and Ren, they are suffering too much! Please update soon again *O*...
10/2/2013 c6 Kotori Yui
Okay, sorry yesterday I had to turn off mu computer, then I read this chap on my cell phone but I can't do the login there nor do reviews -_- so I just thought 'I will do it tomorrow x3'
And poor Ren, you're making him suffer Stupid Nanami "Someone kill her kudasai" xDD
I hope you can upload as soon as possible, otherwise I will die x3
You're amazing Doki-chan :'D
10/1/2013 c5 Kotori Yui
q OMG how can you say that my stories are perfect Doki-chan? This is amazing! And xD you used lube and condoms and I never use that xD
Anyway, I loved this chap! Now I'm going to read the next one ;"D
9/30/2013 c5 MyHamstersHateMe
Huehuehue I Love It!
9/26/2013 c4 D.14N4
thank you for making this :]
9/24/2013 c4 MyHamstersHateMe
9/23/2013 c4 Kotori Yui
Okay, about chap 3 xD I loved it and laughed a lot! Cecil is the only straight guy there hahaha xD really funny haha! But, I have to disagree with you x3 Cecil belongs to my OC named Takahashi Keita *O* (just joking, he belongs to him in my stories hehe)
Anyway, I love it!

About chap 4 TvT so sweet and sad? well I really don't know if sad is the right word... Maybe nostalgic is better I don't know.. But I really, really loved it! Please update soon, I'm loving your story so much! (':
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