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8/4/2021 c1 EricFan71
I’m certainly not an angry teenager and I think she did a real disservice to the characters and the fans who bought this series.

Shame on her trying to blame us for her lack of insight to the readers who supported her.
10/23/2019 c1 1aFairywithaWand
definitely not a teenager at 50 yrs! I read the books recently (in a few weeks) as i was selecting something to give my 17yrs old niece who enjoys fantasy and needs to catch up with her English studies (she's Italian). At the end I got really bored and thought the author had no more creativity/time/will to build an interesting plot with intriguing characters, or she became a ferocious murder of her own children. In the last books the author chose to give large doses of a very potent drug (a dae cultivar?) to her main characters to make them behave in the most erratic and counterproductive way possible.
Sookie, the biggest hearth on earth who sacrificed for all her friends and professed true love (even after breaking the bond) to her Viking, who led the assassination of Madden, who stood up for every cockroach on her path, did a magical nothing when her lover asked her to help him (in his twisted way, obviously)? she had the cluviel d'or and did not use it for the man she said in almost every book she loved?
Eric, the mighty thousand old vampire (strong, cunning, devious, maker-less and with a story of torture and abuse) gave up to a weak young queen and a contract sealed by his dead maker without putting up a glorious fight? the least he could have done, to be true to his character, would have been to charge his never mentioned before child Karin to come out of the blue and kill that queen, period.
Pam, the perfect child loyal to a fault to her maker, just went behind his back to tell Sookie about the contract and all it implied? nothing else to save/help Eric? not calling some favours from the many friends/allies both she and her maker made in centuries and put an end to Freyda or De Castro in a subtle way (framing the Felloship of the Sun or a former queen of Louisiana's friend out of favour with the new leadership or whatever).
At the end I chose some well written fanfic stories and gave them to my niece: in one Sookie stayed with Bill, in another she left Merlotte then went ahead in her life (alone), in the third she ended up with Eric after some reasonable struggle to knit back a strained relationship.
I'm looking for one in which, without treacle and flowers, Sookie and Eric try to build an adult relationship but it ends in an open way, not marriage but living together to know each other and themselves in the process, giving the reader the choice to imagine they solve their problems or they part as they don't fit together. Any suggestion?
8/13/2019 c1 7tanseynz
Not a teen, haven’t been one for nigh on four decades, and I found Harris’s choice to sell off Eric and pair Sookie with Sam utterly odd.
Apart from a very few mild instances early on, Sookie and Sam didn’t seem to have any spark at all. Suddenly turning them into a happy couple with sprog on the way was almost a cop out, or sop to ‘only warm bloods’ can end up together.
Eric being bound to a weak queen? And sold by a virtually powerless renegade burning his bridges on a regular basis due to his psychotic youngest child? I do get how much power a maker had, but c’mon, Eric hasn’t survived and thrived for over a thousand years without amassing a fair few useful allies. His weaknesses are really just based on classic vampireness, yet he shows he can move beyond the norm of his kind when he really wants to, and he’s a negotiator par excellence.
I’m not much of a Sookie fan, I have to say. Her pretentiousness, mule-headed stubbornness and pseudo-christian hypocrisy drives me nuts, YET, she has a lot of courage, and harsh events plus Eric and Pam knocked a lot of that silliness out of her.
IMO Harris’s ending was simply lazy writing. She’d lost interest plus was irritated by the fans who refused to move on to her new works.
A real pity - the great part is so much opportunity for fan writers to improve on it.
6/13/2018 c1 9bashfyl
CH is a pos. The last book is clearly a temper tantrum because people didn't feel about the characters the way she wanted them to. I won't follow anything she has a hand in ever again, no story she creates could be worth trusting her again especially considering what she thinks of he friends. Eric was a well developed interesting character. Bill was an abusive bastard. Sookie was an idiot. While I enjoyed the sparks that flew between E/s I kept waiting for her to grow up/mature. She clearly never did. Also the fact that that woman decided Eric would give up an extra 100 years of his life as a sex slave for Sookie's protection and would come to enjoy his life just shows you how insane she is. Overall I've decided that the book series is Fanfic Adele wrote after vampires came out and she couldn't keep her grandkids away from them, because the last few books were so ooc they seemed to be written by an senile octogenarian. It's been years and im still mad
1/11/2018 c1 tricelander
I found this poll and must voice my displeasure in how the CH series ended: Eric was OOC compared to all the other novels and Sookie continued to be a big hypocrite that never gained any understanding. In fact, DEA is what turned me to Fan Fiction. Thank goodness for FanFiction.
2/22/2017 c1 Guest
I love Sookie and Sam. I would just love to read more about them.
6/2/2016 c1 sandypanda31
I read all the sookie stackhouse novels...I'm not no teen that read the novels ...on her a&q that she wasn't for her fans it's her novels as she see fit ...but to talk bout the books...she made so many errors that she had no idea were to start with the last few after the 10th book ...I say being a Arthor want awesome novels that you would take the time to read your books over...I'm going to be honest here switch up alittle I watch true blood but that's not what got me reading ch sookie stackhouse novels it was these talented fan fiction writer's that got me to read I wished honestly that I stay reading here or blog site etc ... I thought all you were more talented than ch... through out the books when sookie came into contact with Eric they seem to me like soulmates then Sam and sookie you all are writer's I got a question for you all...this was written on her side book on Sookie Stackhouse novel ...I see sam more as a brother type...go from that to relationship aka marriage? I know it's fan fiction but even then it has to be some what realistic to some Extant ..words can't express how I felt I was pissed off and mad that I spend my money on this novels
2/27/2015 c1 gsbella
I hated the way it ended...I know a lot of people kept saying that Sookie never wanted to be turned and so couldn't end up with Eric..She's part Fae - does it not seem possible that some answer to her immortality could have been found with that story line? Thank goodness for fanfiction where some very talented authors have picked up on just this possibility.
7/12/2014 c1 3Tamha
Alright, so I'm going to preface this by stating that I am also a reader of Laurell K. Hamilton's books. Anyone that's read the last 10 or so Anita books or the latest 2 Meredith Gentry books knows that there is worse story floundering and characterization 180's then found in DEA. Anyone else who reads LKH and also this probably agrees with me that at least Harris tied up and ended the series. ;)

*ERIC* - Eric liked being a big fish in a small pond, sure. I think a large part of that was because he had sufficient power to keep himself safe, without having to either spend all his time maneuvering or worrying about getting back-stabbed. I'm willing to bet in the two years prior to Bill's arrival in Bon Temps that Eric hadn't had any reason to fear with his dealings with Sophie-Anne, he earned her and himself a respectable amount of money and kept the local vampires in line. In fact, I'm of the opinion that if Rene hadn't spurred the burning of the Monroe nest, Eric would have placed same thought among the right people to reach the same ends (to avoid payouts, of course). I don't think, however, that Eric's political drive stopping at sheriff level was because he wasn't strong enough or devious enough, but more likely that he just didn't want to spend all of his time shouldering that much political intrigue. In a thousand years Eric only created two children. Lorena made just as many during the 216 years she existed within 40 years of each other. This shows, in my opinion, that Eric would be extremely picky about who he trusted, which was probably a very large factor in limiting his political ambitions. Running an entire state was likely something he disdained due to the large amount of personal work it would require of someone who doesn't trust most of his subordinates. Letting himself be enslaved to the Queen of Oklahoma for two centuries purely for the power it would bring him was actually not as believable as everyone (in the book) thought it was if you consider exactly how much power he retained and what he did with it.

*OCELLA & FREYDA* - Simply put, Ocella should have never been able to even approach a vampire queen about arranging a marriage for Eric. Ocella was a drifter, practically a rogue vampire, especially since siring Alexi and having to keep him on the move constantly, meanwhile Eric was a powerful vampire in his own state. Since all the details weren't explained to Sookie, I can't say for sure it didn't happen this way, but Freyda would have had to bide her time until after Sophie-Anne was dead and then made arrangements with Felipe deCastro who purposely allowed Victor Madden to set himself up for the coup that happened before ever signing something with Ocella. Otherwise, who is to say she wouldn't risk conflict with the very successful sheriff's king or queen for poaching him?

*SAM* - Okay, I read all the novels, the A Touch of Dead compilation, and "Small Town Wedding". The possibility of Sookie and Sam getting together was hinted at a few times, especially when he was too ashamed of Jannalynn to bring her home and meet his family. Sookie passingly thought about having fantasized of Sam in a few books, but for the most part her interest in Sam was "off screen". The fact that Sookie wondered if the Cluviel Dor's expended magic was drawing them together and she completely discarded the thought was one of the biggest let-downs where Sam and her was concerned. I mean, if she was always supposed to be with Sam at the end of the series, doing it with a magical bond and having Sookie not care about it after she'd been so freaked out about her blood bond to Eric was completely contrary to her characterization. Also, why did it make her feel more in love with Sam in the first place? It was supposed to only work on one that was loved, not create or change the love felt. I also felt what was intended to be hints at Sookie ending up with Sam at the end was only really sufficient to them always being best friends and business partners, or at least if they did hook up for it to take a lot more time to pan out. I half expected Bernie to actually locate another true shifter for him to partner with. The fact that she didn't implies instead that Sam is the last of his kind. (Not a huge surprise with the terrible choice to restrict shapeshifters in the setting so tightly.)

*BILL* - I'm a Bill apologist. I really thought that Bill was on his way to a redemption arc, that he'd would use his new-found extra wealth from his directory to, I don't know, buy Sookie a new roof or something else thoughtful and practical after learning a thing or two from watching Eric with her. Or she would discover that the "one dollar car" from Tara had actually been paid for by Bill. Not that Sookie needed any kind of financial aid anymore after all of Claude and Claudine's human money was left to her. Once Sookie used the Cluviel Dor to save the life of her best friend, I thought that Bill would be understanding and supportive of her love for her friends and she would reluctantly agree to go on a date with him at the end of the series. (Yes, I'm well aware that what happened in the trunk in Dallas was a terrible, terrible thing. I really wish that Harris had never done it, just like I wish she hadn't killed Claudine. I think that, especially after being tortured herself, Sookie would agree with me that the fault for that one was more on Lorena and Debbie then on Bill, who stopped the moment he was conscious of what was happening.) Bill's largest strike against him was the fact that Sookie couldn't trust him, but at least she had never been able to read his mind, something she saw as being good most of the time.

*TELEPATHY* - Sookie HAD read the minds of Weres and shifters in the series. Sure, it was hard, and Sam had never been a strong broadcaster to her. But contradicting the continuity, whether it was with her assertions that she only could read their emotions or if it was with the were telepathy she did do, was really annoying. At least with the rare instances of her reading a vampire, it was quite obvious that she was keeping that a secret for her own safety. The fact that the "Essential Spark" was never really explained was also a bit of a let down, unless all it was supposed to mean was "gets screwed over by supes."

*MONEY* - The faeries leaving Sookie with copious amounts of money to live on felt like an excuse to let her be lazy. While the final book might have came out in 2013, the story still ended in 2006, less than a year after Hurricane Katrina. Even in 2006, the possibility of doing computer correspondence courses for college existed, and rather than resigning herself to be a part-owner and waitress in a bar she could have put her new found wealth into continuing her education.

*CHILDREN* - I'm a mother, I understand wanting to have a child. What I don't understand is choosing a living partner over an undead one that she loved all on his own, without magic help, in order to have a chance to have children... when she was terrified of having her own offspring having her demon "curse". Helping Hunter with his telepathy seemed to be sufficient for her maternal instincts, and obviously there is a chance that any of Jason's kids could be telepaths, too.

*CLAUDE* - No one said anything about him turning to fairy dust, which implies he wasn't actually dead. Maybe the crowd though he was ashing like a vampire, but he was "killed" by being shot with a gun. So, unless he turned full-demon at the end there (which requires the body be burned), there's still a pissed off faerie out for Sookie's death.

*COPELY* - Why didn't he just ask the devil to make Amelia come home to him instead of using his "wish" to obtain an item that grants a wish? Obviously with Tyrese's HIV girlfriend, Gypsy, it was clear that the devil could convince people to feel things they normally wouldn't.

I'm sure there are many more good points (like what happens after the first year and Karin leaves), but I think I need to stop.
6/17/2014 c1 59busard
I love all the books of the serie, but I'm, partial to sam. So, of course I love the ending. And I love to see Sookie understand that she could be happy even if she don't ended with Sam. She had grown up ans show it.
11/16/2013 c1 viola1701e
I am 45 years old and very angry at myself because i not only wasted good money on the last 3 books but also my time!
C.H. cant seriously tell me that she was surprised by the response to the last book. She must have known that Eric Northman was loved by many of her readers and by assassinating the character the way she did...just shows me that she truely didnt care.
The first time i thought; what the hell? was when she introduced the abusive and sick Appius Livius Occella and then the hits kept on coming because next was Freydas contract and than Sookies Cluviel Dor...and the choice to use it on SAM?
Now the books are collecting dust on my shelf and i am tempted to just recycle them and make space for something i would enjoy reading again likeTanya Huffs Blood Books!
11/4/2013 c1 filagirl
I hate what I read of the last 2 books. I will not spend my money on them.
10/28/2013 c1 39lafantomette
As much as I enjoyed Sookie w. Bill, Eric, etc. I always wished that in the end she would choose her best friend. So I was happy she chose Sam.
But was I happy with DEA? Hum...enjoyable read but far from being the best from the Sookie novels.
And THE scene? Oh my...c'mon. I still think when they kissed in his office (Dead as a doornail) it was waaaaaay hotter.
10/15/2013 c1 kellykol
I absolutely hated the end of the series. I was literally stunned... We suffered through 12 books of Sookie saying she loved Sam, but only as a friend then suddenly, Eric is out and she expects by Christmas to be in love with Sam! Total BS! The thought of Sam and Sookie as a couple kind of turns my stomach. Even worse was her treatment of Eric. I get that may be Eric and Sookie wouldn't have spent eternity together, but she spent book after book building them up as a couple, showing how Eric endangered himself for her, sacrificed for her, loved her... and then BAM, it's over. And what REALLY really bothered me the most was that Charlaine chose to have Eric, such a strong character, who had survived insurmountable torture by his maker, end up as, essentially, a slave to Freyda. I thought that was the worst disservice of all. I wish I had stopped reading at book 10... I won't ever read another CH novel again.
8/29/2013 c1 Vwchick
I refuse to read DEA after I found out that Eric and Sookie break up and she ends up With Sam! Sam of all people! Ridiculous! No I am not a teenager I am a 35 yr old woman who has been reading and waiting on each of her Sookie books as they come out each year. I understand CH had said that Sookie was never going to become a vampire but with the Fae in her CH could have made it so Sookie lived a much longer life than a normal human! Why if she was gonna end up with Sam did we spend the ENTIRE series building up Sookie and Eric's relationship? So I am incredibly Un happy and an Adult!
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