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2/19/2014 c7 1apollonianism
So excited for this update, I wanted to know everyone's reactions and you did it really well! Now I want to hear the big reveal, whether Ianto admits it's cybernetic and what Hack has to say :)
2/18/2014 c7 4195832325
A really fascinating premise! Can't wait for more! :D
2/18/2014 c7 7Kira Kyuu
Thanks for the update! And the hug xD
2/18/2014 c7 Guest
I love this story so much. This chapter was great. I laughed loud and the alien's language, they are hilarious.

I'm worried for Ianto, bless him. I hope they all understand and are nice to him. Your Owen was very in character.

Thanks for updating.
2/18/2014 c7 15ToonyTwilight
You never disappoint me when you update! This was such an interesting chapter I need to know what happens next!
2/18/2014 c7 sd4ianto
This is a great story so I do hope you continue with s2. If you end with Jack running off with the Doctor, just one request, not leave it so Ianto feels like it's his fault that Jack leaves please.
2/18/2014 c1 11FiBeeN
Really enjoyed this chapter. The arm is a fascinating idea.
2/18/2014 c7 3Xandraluna
(hugs back) thank you for posting! i an so totally loving this fic
2/18/2014 c7 big fan
God that was worth the wait. The reactions of the team are so in character and it nice to Ianto lose his temper for once. Tosh was sweet to.
2/18/2014 c7 sandysan2013
Hum... So much is revealed; so much left to reveal. Wonderful plotting.

Did she miss the memo? Gwen is hilarious! Owen is a twat but I think he'll be ok. Tosh us always wonderful. Let's just hope Jack can move on peaceably from here.
2/17/2014 c7 14Angst-BuriTTo
*hugs back* thank you! More soon please!
2/6/2014 c6 Angst-BuriTTo
More really soon please! This head cannon does not get written enough.
1/8/2014 c6 Ez21
This is really good so far, I can't wait for the next chapter, I hope there was no harming of alien coffee machines during the making of this fic
12/15/2013 c6 3Xandraluna
this installment was hilarious! They killed the coffee machine!
had to stop reading for a bit , i was laughing so hard i could not see. :)

loved the aliens are they named Larry,Mo and Curly? please post more
Totally love cyber Ianto
12/9/2013 c6 kiwijo
OOOHHHH, where are you?
I'm soooo hangig out for the next chapter mate!
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