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for LIttle Girls, Female Shinigami?

7/30/2013 c11 5spaceprincess-3
Awwe how kawaii!
7/30/2013 c11 8PearlM21
That ending was so cute! Poor girl. It seems like she has a lot of baggage. :(
7/27/2013 c10 Guest
This was another entertaining chapter. I loved the "Another thing added to the list of oddities." line of Ciel's. I could see him actually saying that, especially because this show gets pretty crazy! lol! Anyway I hope you stick with the story. I am really enjoying it.
7/29/2013 c10 x3SkysWishx3
Still sticking with the SkullinaxUndertaker. :P
7/29/2013 c8 x3SkysWishx3
SkullinaxUndertaker. xP Sorry, I haven't been around much to review recently. Dx I had just now saw you had updated it and you were doing a poll for it. Sorry, again. Dx
7/28/2013 c10 2AloTakahashi
SkullinaxGrell 3
7/27/2013 c10 5spaceprincess-3
Skullina/Undertaker hehehe
7/26/2013 c9 2AloTakahashi
I want moree x-x the chapter was too short xD update soon , I love it
7/25/2013 c9 5spaceprincess-3
7/23/2013 c7 2AloTakahashi
I love the idea of grellSkullina 3 so Kawaii they are my favorite :3
7/22/2013 c8 AloTakahashi
I love this story x-x 3 update ASAP 3 where can I find your FB page with all te drawings on it?
7/21/2013 c8 5spaceprincess-3
I am loving this story!
7/20/2013 c7 spaceprincess-3
Awe how kawaii...Grell is jealous
7/15/2013 c4 pft980811
I think you should make grell as a best friend instead of a lover. I like the idea of will being thrown though. He needs someone to give him a good a** whooping.
7/17/2013 c6 spaceprincess-3
Awe Will got beat up, poor Will...but I think he has just as much pride as Naru _
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