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for Half-Breed Girl

3/9/2014 c2 3DragonClanMaster
chaining is an insult to his pride. i thought he would go beast once released.
7/24/2013 c2 17Amaterasu1969
How did he get chained by those humans in the first place? I'm sort of surprised he didn't just break out of those chains with a simple tug of the wrist. But then again, personality change. I like to think it took several nuclear bombs before they were finally able to subdue him (ignore me, I'm weird sometimes xD). I really can't wait to read more! This is really very interesting.
7/24/2013 c1 Amaterasu1969
By any chance, you don't happen to play Final Fantasy, do you? Ms. Lightning? ;)
Anyway, this is pretty interesting. It can also give a sense of what really happened to demons in the present era. I also appreciate the spaces between the paragraphs-some authors like making it so long, the eyes tend to hurt. You're also great at punctuations and grammar. Keep it up!

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