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9/15/2020 c31 6Angelz444
Amazing story! I couldn't put this down. Thank you!
5/19/2020 c30 7eclecticfandomer
Ok umm... Fuck that. I dont care if they ate fictional characters. I know someone who had sex multiple times without a condom. She didnt get pregnant but thats probably because she was FUCKING ANOREXIC. Having your characters not use a condom or ANY FORM OF BARRIER PROTECTION is unex-fucking-ceptable. BARRIERS PROTECT YOU FROM STDS. Some stds (or stis depending on what you were taught) are relativelt harmless SOME CAN FUCKING KILL YOU. All it takes is once. What we read has an impact on us. What is written has AN IMPACT ON THE READER. By allowing the characters to not use a condom and be PREFECTLY FINE YOU ARE SPREADING MIS INFORMATION AND FURTHERING THE MAKING OF NOT 'WRAPPING IT BEFORE YOU TAP IT' SOCIALLY FUCKING ACCEPTABLE. Teaching abstinence IS NOT THE KEY! Real information about sexual intercourse and birth fucking control is what helps lower the teenage pregnancy rate (also pulling out is a myth because the penis leaks even while in the vagina before ejaculation. That leakage hold sperm. Pulling out IS NOT THE ANSWER). I dont go off the fucking rails about damn near anything but you have fucked up friend. Unless your clary was anorexic as shit and extremely thing and unhealthy, she would have gotten pregnant. All it takes is once and (both men and women) are extremely fertile in their teens. Jace (your jace who is athletic, jacked, has endurance, and eats healthy- for a teenager) would be hella fucking fertile. USE A FUCKING CONDOM AND STOP SPREADING FUCKING MIS INFORMATION FOR IMPRESSIONABLE PEOPLE TO FUCKING READ. Anyways thank you for coming to my ted talk. Feel free to at me on this. I will win. Im eclectic fandomer and I have never been as heated on this fucking website as I am now. Your story is great but DONT FUCKING DO IT AGAIN. THIS COULD HURT PEOPLE. WE HOLD MORE POWER AS WRITERS THAN WE'D LIKE TO IMAGINE. Wrap it before you tap it people and stay safe against mis information on the internet. All it takes it once.
5/18/2020 c3 eclecticfandomer
Watch this all come spiralling back to Jocelyn. The drama that would stir... Damn
5/6/2020 c22 BM15
Fluffy the 3-headed dog!
5/26/2019 c1 2tysmileyface
1/24/2019 c31 Shadowbabe123
I loved this story!
12/29/2018 c31 Guest
it was the perfect ending I love this story so much xx
7/25/2018 c5 4RumpelstiltskinWantsMySanity
Isn't Isabelle being a bit invasive by finding out Clary's past behind her pack? Can't a person ever keep secrets? Oof I found that a little off putting, but I enjoyed the chapter nonetheless. Idk it just seems intrusive to me, maybe it's just me
7/12/2018 c31 neverfadehaz
I hope she says yes
6/21/2018 c31 annabanana0805
OH MY GOD THIS STORY IS AMAZING! I love it so much and it is definitely in one of the top 5 favorite fanfics
6/21/2018 c27 annabanana0805
**SPOILER**at first I saw Seb as the good version of Jon and now it's the opposite oh no
6/20/2018 c18 annabanana0805
**SPOILER**ugh! I honestly think clary is overreacting about jace ruining Rebecca. clary knows it was only a week after jace's parents died, and she knew that he turned into an asshole and a workout addict and a manwhore and all that stuff after the fire. (i'm ranting about clary in the story, not the author, the story is amazing!)
12/22/2016 c31 7Missmathdork1608
I feel so nostalgic...like I just watched my babies grow up and I can't do anything about it. *sniffs and wipes away tear*
8/29/2016 c31 Guest
Hey I'm Sheena I know you finished this story over a year ago but I just wanted to say I loved it I cried when it was Jace's Nana's funeral and ugh it was just amazing thank you for writing it xxxxx
8/20/2016 c22 ENPD
Ok, you probably won't read this, since this story was years ago, but ill give ut a shot. Ive been reading this story since yesterday and I wasn't thinking of writing a review but that hp reference did it for me! Ahhhhh! I LOVE YOUR STORY! It's so emotional and good graces I love all of it especially the hp reference hahaha. That's all hehe Have a nice day!
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