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12/31/2014 c1 Calypso Hart
Awww... :)
8/22/2014 c1 11morestarcrossedlovers
Wow this was different, but in a good way. I liked how u made it a high school fanfic, but not that everyone is dating someone and everything is perfect. I liked how u made Clove the outsider and Katniss and her group of friends bullying her, it was an interesting twist considering that in the book Clove was a career and a career's job is to hurt people like Katniss. Anyways I thought tht was interesting. Also, I was entertained with Clove's back-story. Very original and different. All in all this was a great fanfic and I really enjoyed it. I read it over and over because it's so good. Please write more stories, or add new chapters to the other stories. Thankss
3/3/2014 c1 8mrslukecastellan
I am so thoroughly entertained by this story! Very well written. I saw your review on my story, and since I can't PM you, I figured I'd thank you like this. Thank you! 1 in the morning? Dang! Deadly vicious. ;) Liz would like that. And I am going to write more soon, hopefully, but I'm really, really busy with school. I will try to write something very soon, though, and I'll give you a shout out. Thanks again. Keep reviewing, I want to know your thoughts.

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